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What to do If You Lose Your Passport in Qatar?

Lost of Valuable Items
Lost of Valuable Items

What to do If You Lose Your Passport in Qatar?,Consider a scenario in which you are heading to Qatar to visit the most popular tourist attractions for your vacation and you experience a loss of stuff. You don’t have to be concerned about misplacing any pricey or valuable items. The magnificent nation of Qatar has established a variety of laws and rules to run the system effectively. It is a really safe and secure location.

Losing some stuff could happen accidentally, so there isn’t much to regret. There are numerous alternatives and service hotlines that could assist you locate and recover missing stuff. In order to give you a complete overview and potential possibilities for how to locate your misplaced belongings in Qatar, we have provided some contact information below.

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Lost of Valuable Items
Lost of Valuable Items

How Should You Proceed in Qatar If You Lose Your Passport?

If you misplace your passport while visiting Qatar, you can report the loss at the closest police station and register a complaint. Numerous customer service departments are constantly prepared to assist travelers. The local authorities can provide you with a copy of the report or investigative document. They will investigate the situation and provide you with the best information and findings.

You can also use the Metrash 2 app to register your report for the misplaced passport by following a few easy steps. These actions have been covered in depth above. A police report and an affidavit for the property loss are required. In roughly 15 days, the authorities will process this submitted request for the replacement of the lost valid passport.

Service Description of the Ministry Of Interior (MOI) Online Portal

For Lost Items Report

Through the online portal of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), residents can submit an application to replace their lost or damaged residency permit cards.

Online Instructions

Log in with your smart card to the e-services of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) online portal.

  • Pick “Residence Services” from the list, then select the service type (Replace Lost or Replace Damaged).
  • Then enter the information of your card or want to issue a Residence Permit/QID card (Either for themselves or one of the family members), in addition to the mobile number.
  • Pick the delivery option: Privately from the Expatriates Affairs Department or by mail courier via Qatar Postal Services Company.
  • When choosing the mail courier delivery option, you should enter the address and the information validity checkbox ticked.
  • Pay fees and print or save the ticket/receipt.

Fees for This Process

QR200 and QR20 mail courier delivery fees (if applicable).

Lost of Valuable Items
Lost of Valuable Items

How Do I Report Lost Qid in Qatar?


  1. At the reception, get the token for the lost ID category.
  2. Go to the counter, show your passport, and damaged QID (if available), and submit one passport-size photo.
  3. Pay QAR 200 through your credit or debit card only.
  4. In a few minutes, you will get your QID card reissued.

What Happens If You Lose Your Qatar ID?

If the ID is lost outside of Qatar, the resident must file a report in the country where it was lost. Attest an information report from the authorities concerned in that country and send a copy to the resident’s representative in Qatar for issuing a Return Permit, paying a fee of QR200.