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How to Report a Lost Item Using the Metrash 2 App in Qatar

Lost of Valuable Items
Lost of Valuable Items

How to Report a Lost Item Using the Metrash 2 App,Consider a scenario in which you are heading to Qatar to visit the most popular tourist attractions for your vacation and you experience a loss of stuff. You don’t have to be concerned about misplacing any pricey or valuable items. The magnificent nation of Qatar has established a variety of laws and rules to run the system effectively. It is a really safe and secure location.

Losing some stuff could happen accidentally, so there isn’t much to regret. There are numerous alternatives and service hotlines that could assist you locate and recover missing stuff. In order to give you a complete overview and potential possibilities for how to locate your misplaced belongings in Qatar, we have provided some contact information below.

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The online Metrash 2 application allows you to report the loss of your personal property. So You can register your complaint about losing your personal belongings via the Metrash 2 application online, The following are the step that you can take to register your lost item via the metrash app2.

To finish the task, adhere to the next steps.

  • Log into the Metrash app 2 and access the “General Services option.”
  • Operate and click on the option “report lost objects.”
  • Then put in your Qatar ID card number, and you can select the object you have lost. It may be your mobile phone, ID card, driving license, or wallet.
  • Then provide more information related to the lost item by following the instructions.
  • After this step, click the register button to complete this process.
  • The authorities will send your complaint number, which you can use at the nearest police station to get a lost item certificate.
Lost of Valuable Items
Lost of Valuable Items

The Ministry of Interior’s MOI website allows you to file a lost item complaint.

  • You can also register your complaint regarding lost official documents, any cash, or wallets by using the MOI E-services portal.
  • When you log into the E-services portal of the Ministry of Interior website, you need to select the option of reporting services and then report lost property.
  • Then you need to select an item from the list of properties.
  • Select the nearest police station and provide information on the place and date of the lost items.
  • Register your complaint on the lost items registration page.
  • This way, your online complaint about your lost item will be registered. You just need to provide the smart card number that must be valid.

A Lost Item Reporting Service is Offered by Qatar University

Imagine if you ever misplace your personal items at Qatar University. If so, you can immediately report your lost item online at Qatar University’s official website. To provide information about you personally, the lost item, and your contact information, there is an online form.