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Tollgate Fees in Zimbabwe 2023/2024-Latest

Tollgate Fees
Tollgate Fees

Tollgate Fees; Tollgate fees and vehicle registration costs are essential aspects of owning and operating a vehicle in many countries. These fees play a significant role in generating revenue for the maintenance and improvement of road infrastructure.

In this article, we will explore the various components of tollgate fees and vehicle registration costs in Zimbabwe, shedding light on the different fees associated with vehicle ownership and usage.

Tollgate Fees
Tollgate Fees

Tollgate Fees

Tollgate fees are charges imposed on vehicles that use certain roads or highways. These fees contribute to the upkeep and development of road networks. In Zimbabwe, tollgate fees vary depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the distance traveled, and whether the driver is a resident within 10 kilometers of the toll gate.

For residents living within 10 kilometers of a tollgate, there are two payment options. The first option is to pay $180 ZWL every time they pass through a tollgate. This pay-as-you-go approach is suitable for occasional travelers.

The second option is a monthly discounted fee of $10,400 ZWL, which allows residents to pass through the tollgate as many times as they want during the month. This option is cost-effective for frequent travelers, as it offers significant savings over the pay-per-use model.

Vehicle Registration Costs

Vehicle registration is a legal requirement for all vehicles in Zimbabwe. It involves various costs and fees, depending on the type of vehicle and its intended use. Let’s delve into the specific registration costs:

  1. Personalised Plates – US$1200: Some vehicle owners opt for personalised license plates, which allow them to choose a unique combination of letters and numbers. This service comes at an additional cost of US$1200.
  2. First Time Vehicle Registration – US$80: When a new vehicle is purchased, it must be registered for the first time. This registration fee amounts to US$80.
  3. First Time Motorcycle Registration – US$70: For motorcycles, the first-time registration fee is US$70. This fee is applicable when a motorcycle is acquired and needs to be registered for the first time.
  4. First Time Trailer Registration – US$70: Trailers, whether for personal or commercial use, also require registration when first acquired. The fee for the first-time registration of a trailer is US$70.
  5. Change Of Motor Vehicle Ownership (Retaining Plates) – ZWL$150: When a vehicle changes ownership, but the license plates are retained, a fee of ZWL$150 is applicable. This often occurs in private vehicle sales.
  6. Change Of Motor Vehicle Ownership (Buying New Plates) – ZWL$850: If the new owner of a vehicle opts for new license plates instead of retaining the old ones, a higher fee of ZWL$850 is charged.
  7. Change Of Motorcycle Or Trailer Ownership (Retaining Plates) – ZWL$150: Similar to motor vehicles, if the ownership of a motorcycle or trailer changes but the plates are retained, a fee of ZWL$150 is applied.
  8. Replacement Cost For Lost PSV Motor Vehicle Number Plate – ZWL$600: If a public service vehicle (PSV) motor vehicle number plate is lost, the replacement cost is ZWL$600.
  9. Replacement Cost For Lost PSV Motor Cycle Or Trailer Number Plate – ZWL$550: In the case of a lost PSV motorcycle or trailer number plate, the replacement cost is ZWL$550.
  10. Duplicate Third Plate – ZWL$175: Some vehicles have a third plate, often used for public service or commercial purposes. If a duplicate is needed, the fee is ZWL$175.
  11. Garage Plate – ZWL$475: Vehicles operated by garages for various services require a special garage plate, which costs ZWL$475.
  12. Garage License – ZWL$3000: To operate a garage and provide vehicle-related services, a garage license is required, and the cost is ZWL$3000.
  13. Temporary Identity Cards – ZWL$300: Temporary identity cards are issued for various vehicle-related purposes, such as temporary permits for unregistered vehicles, and the fee is ZWL$300.
  14. Abnormal Load Plate – ZWL$475: Vehicles transporting abnormal or oversized loads require a specific plate, which costs ZWL$475.


In conclusion, understanding tollgate fees and vehicle registration costs is crucial for vehicle owners and operators in Zimbabwe. These fees contribute to the maintenance and development of road infrastructure and help regulate vehicle ownership.

Whether it’s choosing between pay-as-you-go tollgate fees or a monthly pass, or navigating the various vehicle registration costs, being informed about these financial aspects is essential for responsible vehicle ownership.

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