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New job vacancy at High Commission of India Tanzania-Local Clerk

New job vacancy at High Commission of India Tanzania-Local Clerk; The High Commission of India is headed by the High Commissioner and has following Wings: (i) Consular Wing (ii) Commercial Wing (iii) Press & Education Wing (iv) Administration Wing.;

The Cultural activities are looked after by the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre located at Plot No. 310, Masani Area near Toure Drive, Oysterbay, Dar es Salaam, supervised by the High Commission

The functions of the High Commission inter alia, include promoting bilateral relations with the United Republic of Tanzania, trade and investment promotion, development partnership, administration of ICCR Scholarships and training under ITEC Programme, cultural interaction, press and media liaison, and scientific cooperation in bilateral and multilateral contexts, extension of Consular Services etc.

The High Commission functions within the purview of business allocated to the Ministry of External Affairs under the Government of India’s Allocation of Business Rules and Transaction of Business Rules.

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Mr. Manoj Bihari Verma, First Secretary
High Commission of India, Plot No. 213/51,
Shaaban Robert Street, P.O. Box 2684, Dar-es-Salaam.
Tel: 00-255-22-2113097
Fax: 00-255-22-2113093

High Commission of India Tanzania Contact

AddressShaaban Robert Street, Plot No. 213/51, P.O. Box 2684, Dar es Salaam.
PhonesCountry & Area Code[255-22]
Education and
Working hoursMonday – Friday: 0830-1700 hrs. (Lunch 1300-1330 hrs.)
Consular Hours0930 – 1130 hrs [for submitting applications]
1600 – 1630 hrs [for delivery of visas, passports, etc.]
Time DifferenceIST (-) 2 1/2 hours


 S.NoName &  DesignationTelephoneEmail
1Mr. Binaya Srikanta Pradhan
High Commissioner


Mr. Manoj Bihari Verma
Counsellor (Pol., Edu., ITEC) & Head of Chancery



Captain (IN) Nitesh Garg
Defence Advisor
Resident in Nairobi

+254-20 2219206


Raj K Ganger
Second Secretary (Com.,P&I) & Commercial Representative



Mr. JSN Murty
Second Secretary (Consular)



Dr. Soumya Manjunath Chavan
Director (SVCC)

+255 22 2664545

7Shri Mudrika Prasad
Attache [Cons]
Ext. 206A
255 222 2113079


Mr. Naresh Batra
Attache (Admin., DDO, Edu., ITEC)



Ms. Deepti Subba
Attache (Pol., P&I)

+255 22 2113094


Mr. Devender Kumar,
Attache (A & G)

+255 22 2113098

Emergency numbers after Office Hours:

+255-783344850; +255-783344840

Consulate General of India, Zanzibar

Consul General – Mr. Bhagwant Singh

Website :

8, Migombani, P.O.Box 871, Zanzibar
Phone : (24) 223-2711/0720
Fax: (24) 223-0001


Local Clerk.

Job Qualifications

He should have an original grader training certificate from a recognized institution

• He should know how to read and write

• Must have experience from 2 years onwards

• He should be 25 years old and not more than 45

• Have NIDA ID and TIN number.