New job vacancy at MeTL Group-Service Delivery Manager

MeTL Group
MeTL Group

New job vacancy at MeTL Group-Service Delivery Manager; MeTL Group is Tanzania’s largest homegrown company with Revenues of more than $1.5 billion, employing more than 24,000 people and with a presence in 12 countries in Africa.”

The MeTL Group began as a family business started by my father Gulamabbas Dewji, a small trading company which was then turned into one of the largest industrial conglomerates in East Africa, with interests ranging trading, agriculture, manufacturing, energy & petroleum, financial services, mobile telephonyinfrastructure and real estate, transport, logistics & distribution.

After studying business at Georgetown University, I joined my father’s business in 1999, since then MeTL Group has grown significantly, diversifying to sectors never before thought possible. This company profile will outline the depth of MeTL Group’s presence in Tanzania, the brand that we have and how far we have come over the years.

MeTL Group is Tanzania’s largest homegrown company with Revenues of more than $1.5 billion, employing more than 24,000 people and with a presence in 12 countries in Africa, including Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, DR Congo and of course Tanzania.

MeTL Group
MeTL Group

We have the best available talent and are consistently investing in our people and our infrastructure. The $1.5 billion revenue from our group of companies constitutes a little over 3.5% of the GDP of Tanzania and employs 5% of the formal employment sector. By 2018 we expect to hit revenues of $5 billion.

MeTL Group supports several causes through the Mo Dewji foundation. Over the last five years, we have spent more than $3 million developing schools, providing education, improving health care, and providing water supply inventions to create income generation.Mohammed (Mo) Dewji.

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MeTL Group has the vision of becoming the leading local producer and a trading powerhouse of agricultural and industrial goods in the Eastern and Southern Africa region offering the market with affordable and high quality products using its most efficient distribution network. The Group aims to capture the ever-increasing opportunities for intra-regional trading. The expansion program covers nine countries within the eastern and southern African region. These countries are Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Burundi.

MeTL Group vision is to become the leading intra-regional trading and Investment Company in agriculture, industry and commercial sectors through application of:
Advanced trading and investment technologies and infrastructure

Carefully selected high quality products and services that position MeTL Group as the regional choice for trading, investment and commercial services.
Maintaining environmental protection, good governance and market standards

MeTL Group is strategically positioning itself to capture regional opportunities in agricultural, industrial and trading activities through two main strategies: Core strategy, which entails creation of organic growth in the existing operations; and Expansion strategy, which entails expansion of the company’s product platform, investments base and geographical coverage.

The Group’s specific areas of investments in this expansion program in the eight countries include the following:
Edible oil processing plants in Zambia and Mozambique.
Wheat grain processing plants in Malawi, Zambia, Uganda and Mozambique
Maize grain processing plants in Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi
Ginnery in Zambia
Textiles including spinning, weaving and processing in Ethiopia, Zambia and Mozambique
Detergents manufacturing plant in Ethiopia
Carton boxes manufacturing plant in Ethiopia
Warehouse facilities in Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique.
Commodities trading in Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania
Wholesaling of Petroleum products in Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Rwanda and Burundi.

MeTL Group is strategically positioning to capture opportunities brought by regional integration initiatives comprising of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), East African Community (EAC) and Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The Eastern and Southern Africa region presents vast investment opportunities in the key sectors of infrastructural development and services, agriculture, tourism, trade and industry coupled with a combined population of about 400 million, which make the region an invaluable investment partner.

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MeTL Group
MeTL Group


Service Delivery Manager.

Job Responsibility

The Service Delivery Manager contributes to the overall success of the Company by ensuring that the customer enjoys an amazing experience as well as gets real and tangible value.

This includes, among others, managing technical operations, managing uptime and service reliability, managing competence and department capabilities overseeing help desk operations, and troubleshooting and overseeing online experience.

Foundational to meeting KPIs is the continuous improvement of how we deliver a service and how we can do better. So, working smarter rather than harder and using intelligence to improve operations and uptime.

The Service Delivery Manager will be supported by, and who will report to you, the Head of Customer Support, Head of Online Experience, and Head of Technical Operations.

Detailed Job Description

1. To ensure we fulfill orders in a timely and well-coordinated manner and that all new installations are done with the highest of standards and workmanship. This includes the customers online experience and provision of adequate training to the customer. This includes the constant empowerment of technicians and field staff in competence and skill levels. It also involves supporting field staff when they are stuck from a technical standpoint. This involves getting to know the type of installations, devices, configuration in an in depth and thorough manner.

2. To ensure that all support issues are addressed in a timely and effective manner. All support issues (tickets) should be managed and updated as often as possible to the point of closure to the satisfaction of the customer. This includes empowering Customer Support Executives to be able to do basic troubleshooting on first call. The help desk team is the main interface to the customer so the responses must be as per the values of the company.

3. To ensure that the customers get tangible and measurable value for the service in terms of delivery of Actionable Intelligence, which is our key Value Proposition. This involves managing the Online Experience team to onboard the customers in such a manner that they see value in using the service and respond to customer issues in a timely and effective manner. So, this team is not only about support, it’s about how we can help our customers run their operations better, more efficiently and in a safer manner.

4. To continuously do a root cause analysis of perpetual issues faced that degrades service levels and availability so that corrective and preventive actions are taken to improve the overall service reliability and availability.

5. To constantly improve our standards, develop new standards, training and retrain our staff on all aspects of standards enforcement.

6. To constantly improve our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), workflows and Internal and External SLAs, so that we improve how we deliver the service more effectively and efficiently.

7. To ensure that we meet critical KPIs pertaining to service delivery.

8. To develop a training and certification program for our technicians and staff as well as outsourced support contractors so that competencies and capabilities are maintained at the highest levels. This involves regular re-trainings.

9. To provide management with relevant and insightful reports for each section and business intelligence that are aimed at improving efficiency and form a basis of informed decision making.

10. To lead and empower the team, by offering inspiration, motivation, skills, training, mentoring, and leadership.

11. To manage the team and ensure the entire department remains responsive, effective, disciplined, and always energized.

12. To discuss and engage with the management of strategic ways forward for the company.

13. Any other tasks that are delegated by the GM or MD.

Job Qualifications

1. The candidate should have at least 3 years of relevant experience in a senior management position pertaining to service delivery, customer service or technical operations.

2. The candidate should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, technology or equivalent.

The Candidate:

1. Leadership: The candidate must be one who can take full responsibility for a task or function, own it fully and see it to the final resolution.

This is the most important trait to have and with this trait, wherever the issue, it will get resolved. Must be able to work with minimal supervision and a high sense of responsibility and one who gives feedback pro-actively. They must be able to lead with targeted focus as well as compassion.

They must be able to understand people’s emotions, seek feedback from the team often, and must be able to inspire, motivate and empower the team.

This includes the ability to provide opportunity for team members to continuously grow, continuously learn and always be engaged. The candidate must be able to command authority over the team, and earn the respect of his/her team, through practicing mature, effective and compassionate leadership skills.

2. Tech Savvy: The candidate should be IT savvy in their ability to put themselves in the seat of any one of their teammates, be able to gain confidence in using the online tracking portal and ancillary online tools, be able to accompany the technicians and be comfortable with the tasks they physically do on the customers trucks, assets and environments.

This does not mean they need to be an engineer or have a technical qualification per say. But they need to be able to be hands on, one that can roll up their sleeves and get a bit of grease and dust on them to learn the task, empathize with the team and as a result become a team player and earn the trust of the team.

3. Customer Centric: The candidate must be passionate about Customer Satisfaction. They must internalize that everything we do, we do to gain customer confidence and to serve them well. It is the highest core value in the organization and one that can never be taken for granted.

4. System Driven: The candidate must be methodical, systematic and thorough. This means they must have a particular focus on managing and building the systems that drive the organization, use and develop KPIs for every role and be able to track the improvements of KPIs over time, per team member and as a department.

Shooting from the hip, however efficient, is not a sustainable and scalable trait.

5. Strategic: The Candidate must be able to balance between pressing issues (firefighting) as well as being strategic. This means the candidate must be able to formulate initiatives that will continuously improve how we do things, so that they are more efficient and deliver a better service to the customer.

In this manner, they must be able to be analytical, must be able to seek root-causes of problems and put in place measures that will reduce the need for maintenance, reduce repeated visits and increase the reliability of the service we provide. This includes developing the team and building capacity.

6. Operational Excellence: The candidate must be able to manage an operation efficiently and in a well-coordinated manner. This means they must be cost-effective in their planning, must be system driven, must be able to plan activities well, arrange the team in an effective manner and prioritize tasks.

Additionally, the candidate must be resourceful and innovative in overcoming challenges and be a creative problem solver.

7. Driven & Energetic: The Candidate must have fire in their belly. They must be driven, have a positive and optimistic outlook and a pleasant personality.

Communicator: The candidate must be able to communicate extremely well in both verbal and written format. They must be able to inspire and connect with their audience and sell their message in a clear, well-articulated and convincing manner. This pertains to communicating with customers, peers and team members.