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New job opportunity at local Government Authorities Tanzania Zanzibar-Research Assistant

New job opportunity at local Government Authorities Tanzania Zanzibar-Research Assistant; Local government authorities (LGAs) have the power to levy taxes, fees and charges; however the majority of local authority revenue comes in the form of sector-specific conditional transfers from central government. LGAs exist for the purpose of consolidating local services and empowering the people to participate in social and economic development.

Local authorities are mandated to maintain law, order and good governance; to promote the economic and social welfare of the people in their jurisdiction; and to ensure effective and equitable delivery of quality services to the people.

On Zanzibar, urban authorities are either town councils or municipalities, while all rural authorities are district councils. In mainland Tanzania there are 25 regions, 40 urban councils and 132 rural district councils, whilst on Zanzibar there are five regions, four urban authorities and seven rural district councils.

Tanzania is a democratic unitary republic with both a central government and a devolved government of Zanzibar which has autonomy for non-union matters.

There is local government in both Tanzania and Zanzibar. Article 145 of the constitution gives recognition to local government and is supported by the Local Government (District Authorities) Act 1982 and the Local Government (Urban Authorities) Act 1982.

The Ministry for Regional Administration and Local Government is responsible for local government in mainland Tanzania and is currently within the Prime Minister’s Office. On the mainland, there are three types of urban authority: city, municipal and town councils. In rural areas there are two levels of authority; the district councils with the township authorities, and the village council.

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Research Assistant.

Job Responsibility

Research and recommend best approach to solve a given research problem

• Analyze the errors of the model and design strategies to overcome them

• Develop working prototypes to showcase and validate your solution

• Document and communicate your findings through quantitative data analysis and qualitative visuals

• Present progress to stakeholders.

Job Qualifications

1. The candidate should have at least 3 years of relevant experience in a senior management position pertaining to service delivery, customer service or technical operations.

2. The candidate should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Administration .

3.The candidate should have a certificate or diploma in Administration.