Brela fees-Brela fees Structure For Companies

Brela fees
Brela fees

Brela fees; In Tanzania, the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) plays a crucial role in facilitating business activities and formalizing enterprises. Part of this process involves the payment of various fees and charges that are necessary for the registration and operation of businesses. Understanding these fees is essential for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to navigate the regulatory landscape in Tanzania.

BRELA fees encompass a range of costs associated with business registration, licensing, and compliance. These fees are structured to ensure that businesses operate legally, maintain transparency, and contribute to the country’s economic growth. In this introduction, we will explore the different types of fees imposed by BRELA, the purposes they serve, and their significance in promoting a conducive business environment in Tanzania.

Brela fees
Brela fees

Brela fees Structure For Companies

Users interested in establishing and maintaining company names, businesses, service/trademarks, patents, and industrial licenses must pay registration fees as well as other costs in accordance with the BRELA fee structures shown below.

1 Company whose nominal share capital is:
– More than Tshs. 20,000/= but not more than Tshs. 1,000,000/= TSHS 95,000 /=
– More than Tshs. 1,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 5,000,000/= TSHS 175,000 /=
– More than Tshs. 5,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 20,000,000/= TSHS 260,000 /=
– More than Tshs. 20,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 50,000,000/= TSHS 290,000 /=
– More than Tshs. 50,000,000/= TSHS 440,000 /=
2 For registration of a company not having a share capital where the number of members as stated in the Articles of Association: TSHS 300,000 /=
3 Filling fee for the application, meaning shs. 22,000/= for each document i.e Memorandum and Articles of Association, Forms no. 14a and 14b. TSHS 66,000 /=
4 Each Stamp duty for each copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association is charged TSHS 10,000 /=
5 Stamp duty for Form no. 14b is charged TSHS 1,200 /=
6 For reservation of a company name TSHS 50,000 /=
7 For company name change TSHS 22,000 /=
8 For the receipt and/or registration by Registrar of any document which under the Act is to be delivered to him TSHS 22,000 /=
9 For the late filing/registration fee to be paid to the Registrar of any document delivered to him (per month or part thereof) TSHS 2,500 /=
10 For filing of Annual Returns TSHS 22,000 /=
11 For certification of any document, per page TSHS 3,000 /=
12 For making search in any file/perusal TSHS 3,000 /=
13 For obtaining a written search report per file TSHS 22,000 /=
14 Fees payable by a company to which Part XII of the Act applies
– For the registration of certified copy of a charter, statute or memorandum and articles of the company, or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution of the company USD 750 /=
– For registration of filling any document required to be delivered to the Registrar under Part XII of the Act/other than the balance sheet USD 220 /=
– For filling of Balance Sheet USD 220 /=
– For late filing/registration fee to be paid to the Registrar of any document delivered to him out of time (per month or part thereof) USD 25 /=
15 For obtaining a copy of Certificate of Incorporation TSHS 4,000 /=

BRELA Company Registration Fees

Summary of the Fees

The table below gives a summary of the fees you should expect to pay while registering a local company with BRELA in Tanzania.

1 20,000 to 1mil 95,000 66,000 6,200 167,200
2 1mil to 5mil 175,000 66,000 6,200 247,200
3 5mil to 20mil 260,000 66,000 6,200 332,200
4 20mil to 50mil 290,000 66,000 6,200 367,200
5 More than 50mil 440,000 66,000 6,200 512,200

Detailed Fees Structure

1. BRELA Main Registration Fees

These fees vary depending on the capital that the company intends to register. The table below shows capital ranges and respective fees:

1 20,000 to 1mil 95,000/=
2 1mil to 5mil 175,000/=
3 5mil to 20mil 260,000/=
4 20mil to 50mil 290,000/=
5 More than 50mil 440,000/=

2. BRELA Filing Fees

These are fees that are based on the number of documents filed and is Tshs 22,000/= per document. Note that during registration, a company files three documents namely (i) memorandum of association, (ii) articles of association and (iii) declaration of compliance. Hence the total filing fees payable during registration is Tshs 66,000/=

1 Memorandum of Association* 22,000/=
2 Articles of Association* 22,000/=
3 Declaration of Compliance (Form 14b)* 22,000/=
TOTAL 66,000/=

3. BRELA Stamp Duty Fees

The fee if 5,000 for memarts and 1200 for the declaration of compliance (form 14b) and is collected by virtue of the Stamp Duty Act. The duty is payable by companies intending to do business for profits and is exempted to companies that don’t plan to do for-profit businesses.

1 On memarts* 5,000/=
2 On declaration of compliance (form 14b) 1,200/=
TOTAL 6,200/=

Conclusion on BRELA Fees

In conclusion, understanding and complying with BRELA fees is essential for anyone looking to start or operate a business in Tanzania. These fees are designed to facilitate the registration and licensing of businesses, ensuring that they operate legally and contribute to the country’s economic development. While the fees may vary depending on the type and size of the business, they are a necessary part of the regulatory process.

It’s important for entrepreneurs and business owners to be aware of these fees, plan for them in their budgets, and pay them promptly to avoid any legal complications. By doing so, they not only ensure their businesses’ compliance with Tanzanian laws but also contribute to the growth and formalization of the business sector in the country. BRELA’s transparent fee structure ultimately benefits both businesses and the broader economy.

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