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Boardroom Appointments vacancies October 2023

Boardroom Appointments
Boardroom Appointments

Boardroom Appointments; Boardroom Appointments is a global specialist in Recruitment, Contract Staffing, Project Staffing, Temporary Employment Solutions, Training, HR Consultancy and Expatriate Mobility that operates extensively in Africa, EMEA, America, and Europe.

We have been industry leaders since 1989. Our dynamic team of recruitment and labour professionals has serviced hundreds of clients and placed thousands of candidates in various industries across the globe. We have gained invaluable insight and experience into global market trends and human resource workings.

Boardroom Appointments
Boardroom Appointments


  • Must have experience working in Tanzania or be living in Tanzania already
  • Heavy logistics or heavy machinery experience
  • Relative Business or Engineering Degree
  • Industry experience advantages- Cranes or Yellow equipment.


  • Understands, applies and conveys the Group mission and vision in order for his/her country organization to adhere to the expectations and values prioritized by his/her Regional Director.
  • Is responsible for producing and communicating actionable business plans (incl. measurable targets) in order to implement the strategy developed together with his/her team and to monitor effectiveness.
  • Prepares and sets the annual country budget
  • Is responsible for establishing his/her organizational structure in-line with the corporate guidelines as specified in the Quality system.
  • Shapes and leads the Country Management Team.
  • Applies competence management to ensure that all responsibilities and authorizations are covered sufficiently and allocated efficiently.
  • Sets KPIs as guidelines in his/her management and holds each employee accountable for their respective domains, to maintain a balance between attributing responsibilities and controlling the results.
  • Regularly checks the satisfaction of his/her team members and of clients/stakeholders, to define and execute action plans that continuously improve the organization.
  • Respects, understands, and actively applies the Group standards and processes, analyzes their applicability and makes suggestions for improvement and fine-tuning.
  • This should be done in order to contribute to a continuously improving Group SHEQ system that all BUs can benefit from.
  • Takes ownership of his/her results by ensuring that the investment in and allocation of human and other resources and equipment allows he/she make the required benefits. He/she can then proactively set actions into motion when needed, in order to ensure that his/her country targets and budgets are met at all times.
  • Works in close collaboration with his/her finance manager/controller to understand the key profit drivers, performance and budget variances.
  • Develops and implements corrective measures when needed.
  • Is responsible for managing the major profit drivers by setting and (regularly) reviewing equipment pricing levels (and discounts), by managing equipment occupation, by controlling external and cash-out costs, and by keeping working capital levels low.
  • Reports regularly and accurately, in accordance with Group standards, in order to keep the Regional Director and his/her management team informed on the Country’s performance, and uses this information to manage and improve business results
  • Is responsible for developing a pipeline of new business coming into the company, based on a thorough knowledge of: the market (customers and business trends), the solutions and services the company can provide, and of the company’s competitors.
  • Maintains and builds positive relationships with potential clients, business partners, the political world, local authorities, financial institutions, etc. to create awareness and goodwill towards the Company, and to ultimately sign major contracts in heavy lifting and special transport.
  • Is responsible for identifying and evaluating strategic market opportunities.
  • Detects strategic and important projects within his/her country and is responsible for setting up commercial and operational teams, in collaboration with Projects, to maximize chances of winning.
  • Proactively works together with his/her team to secure future revenues
  • Ensures the implementation of Group sales guidelines, consisting of:
  • Market segmentation
  • Client identification
  • Revenue analysis
  • Key account allocation
  • Target setting
  • Bonus system implementation
  • Reporting; incl. Call & Visit Reports
  • Pipeline & Quotation management
  • Idle equipment follow-up
  • Price list
  • Ensures that his/her country develops and executes a professional sales plan to reach the main objectives.
  • Ensures that his/her country develops and manages a well-functioning sales team, in order to reduce the risk of idle equipment, maximize sales revenues, and meet the main objectives.
  • Is responsible for keeping the equipment in good operational condition, both technically and aesthetically, to make sure that it is fully and safely deployable at all times.
  • Ensures that the service team has the right tools and equipment to execute their job safely and efficiently.
  • Ensures that his/her direct reports follow up on and execute the Groups policies and instructions on Maintenance, and consequently makes reports.
  • Uses the MIP KPIs to control the maintenance results of the Fleet Managers and makes adjustments as required (DOO, Delayed tasks list performance, on/off hire reports, oil sampling, on-time A/B/C preventive maintenance, black boxes instructions, and yearly inspection of all cranes).
  • Understands the management of operations and ensures all conditions are available, to ensure that operations are executed smoothly, safely, and at a maximum profitability, e.g. project preparation, overtime monitoring, well trained operators, etc.
  • Is responsible for accurate and efficient planning of human resources, equipment, and transport.
  • Follows up on the status of the operations and executions on site.
  • Executes at least once a month a Workplace Inspection, and distributes his/her findings report to the employees involved.
  • Understands the concept and functioning of blue collar hours and is responsible for controlling them.


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