𝐒𝐔𝐋𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐀 πŸπŸπ’π“ π‰π”π‹π˜,𝐓𝐇𝐔𝐑 𝐔𝐏𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐒


 Oh! JJ is ready even when he comes when it is the perfume he has poured on her and she is very happy to go with Sada to see Sultana, until she came and asked her mother if she had seen Sada, but soon, Sada came in panting, JJ asked her aunt what happened again, Sada told them that she heard Salama has disappeared and they don’t know where he has gone. JJ asked him and Sultana and him? Sada told him until Sultana is not there, JJ did not believe. Ms. Ua was also shocked because it was only yesterday that she saw Ms. Salama, but today she disappeared. JJ saw that there was room, and came out to find his father.

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JJ came to his father outside, and asked his father, how much of an animal are you? MJ asked him why I didn’t believe him, but JJ asked him how you can make Salama and Sultana get lost in the village. Skizeni, MJ does not know Salama’s story, now hearing that they have disappeared, he told JJ that you should be happy now because you have time to be with Dida, then MJ continued talking, he was called by Fatima, and he said to Fatima, you now know the beauty of being with me, just my noise Salama and her child have gone, Fatima told her now, let them go.

Then MJ came to see Maneno, he heard that he was wanted by Maneno, he asked him what he wanted Maneno, Maneno told him that I came to see you because of the loss of my sister, MJ told him that I didn’t push them, see now the results but MJ is already happy and says Salama is safe but he is a fool, ebu let’s get there in the comments, I’ll tell you why MJ is bad. When you finish reading, get there for the comments.

#PART 2 

Let’s go back to Nana, there’s Jabali watching Cindy swallow saliva underwater. Then Cindy called Redempta to bring him a teaspoon, first calling him Redema instead of Redempta, let him now Redempta tell him it should be called Redempta not Redema. Cindy came and told her first you should go and wash the toilet in you are not part of the family. Jabali told wee 

Cindy,Redempta is important part of this family so don’t talk to her so,Cindy told Jabali first you were born of a terrace and go out to us to the terrace Cindy shines you with harmful, bad bad effects.

Bella and she got a call from Jabali. Bella asked her how you wanted Jabali, Jabali told her I just want to see you, how do you see today? Bella said to eeh Jabali, thank you so much to call me but I’m so busy today, tomorrow, this week and this whole year, I’m too busy to meet next year in January I’m busy again This means Bella has decided she doesn’t want a cliff, she just wants her Izzy

Jonah came and told Alvo to stop the car and then told Izzy to call. He then told her to call Bella to tell her you don’t like her and you don’t want her stories. Izzy told him I don’t have a credo sai bna, Jonah told Alvo to give him a paper that Izzy should write a kanote there to take Bella. Izzy didn’t grow up and she had to writeNana is the one who has come to the office with Jabali, she says as this Cindy is who is coming to despise me. Jabali told him he only wanted one slap to urinate on Jabali and asked him why he had come? Nana told him she must have come to you money with her useless business idea .

Cindy, with her father at home, began to ask her father why you left Nana to marry? His father told him lets not talk about that, sai Zuri is cool and everythingis in place. And even though Nana didn’t lie, Cindy is there and she gave her father a look at what they’re going to do inside. Nana is very aware Cindy, a stylist and business idea, now selling credo and airtel lines is something to keep in but ju is her father can’t refuse