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Nit vip driving course fees-millkun

Nit vip driving course fees
Nit vip driving course fees

Nit vip driving course fees; In this post, we will explore the fees associated with the NIT VIP Driving Course. Learning to drive is an important skill, and it’s natural to have questions about how much it costs. This post aims to provide straightforward information about the fees for this course.

The NIT VIP Driving Course has fees that cover various aspects of the training. These fees include the cost of instruction, practice sessions, and any materials or resources needed for the course. It’s important to understand what these costs are so you can plan accordingly.

Knowing the fees for the NIT VIP Driving Course is essential for anyone looking to acquire driving skills. It helps you budget for your education and ensures that you have the necessary funds in place.

Learning to drive is an important step, and understanding the fees is the first step in preparing for this valuable skill. So, let’s dive into the details of the NIT VIP Driving Course fees to help you plan for your driving education.

Nit vip driving course fees
Nit vip driving course fees

Nit vip driving course fee structure

SnTitle Of ProgrammeDuration  Fees  
1Passenger Service Vehicle Ipsv)10 Days         200,000
2Heavy Goods Vehicle Ihgv)10 Days         515,000
3Advanced Drivers Grade Ii Win04 Weeks         400,000
4Advanced Drivers Grade Ii Mp)04 Weeks         400,000
5“Forklift Operators Training10 Days         400,000
6Passenger Artvict. Sikrfect IpsviFa Days         200,000
7Heavy Goods Vehicle (Hgvi15 Days         515,000
8Advanced Driver Grade One04 Weeks         420,000
9Passenger Service Vehicle Ipsv)10 Days         200,000
10Heavy Goods Vehicle (Hgvi15 Days         515,000
11Passenger Service Vehicle Ipsvi10 Days         200,000
12Heavy Goods Service Vehicle10 Days         515,000
13“Forkijet Operator’s Training10 Days         400,000
14Advanced Drivers Grade Ii Wi Pi04 Weeks         400,000
15Advanced Drivers Grade If (Industrial)4 Weeks         400,000
16Senior Driveios Course6 Weeks         450,000
17Passenger Service Vehicle Ipsvi10 Days         200,000


1Advanced Driver’s Grade Two (INDUSTRIAL)4 Weeks
2Advanced Driver’s Grade Two ( VIP)4 Weeks
3Advanced Driver’s Grade One4 Weeks
4Public Service Vehicle (Passenger) Driving Course (PSV).10 Weeks
5Senior Driver’s Course.6 Weeks
6Driver Instructors Course.10 Weeks
7Vehicle inspection and appraisal15 Weeks
8Heavy Goods Vehicle10 Weeks
9Tyre care and maintenance1 Weeks
10Fuel Management in Vehicle Operations1 Weeks
11Transport Officer Seminars2 Weeks
12Road Traffic Accidents Handling and analysis1 Weeks
13Road Safety awareness1 Weeks
14Cargo handling2 Weeks
15Planned Preventive Maintenance for Motor Vehicles2 Weeks
16Troubleshooting in vehicle systems2 Weeks
17Diesel engine Services and Maintenance2 Weeks
18Defensive Driving2 Weeks
19Petrol Engine Services and Maintenance2 Weeks
20Customer care1 Weeks
21Stores Management2 Weeks
22Transport costing and transport statistics analysis2 Weeks
23Forklift operators’ training5 days
24Vehicle inspection and road safety24 Weeks


In conclusion, the National Institute of Transport (NIT) in Tanzania provides a valuable service by offering comprehensive driving courses to individuals of all levels. Learning to drive is not only a practical skill but also a critical safety concern, and NIT ensures that its students receive top-notch training. As we’ve discussed the fees for these courses, it’s clear that NIT’s pricing structure is reasonable and accessible to a wide range of learners.

By breaking down the costs of different courses, NIT ensures transparency and helps aspiring drivers make informed decisions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver looking to enhance your skills, NIT’s courses cater to your needs.

NIT’s commitment to quality education and road safety is commendable, and the fees reflect the value and expertise you receive when you enroll in their driving courses. So, if you’re considering obtaining a driver’s license in Tanzania, NIT is a trusted institution that provides excellent training at affordable rates.

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