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Msu courses and fees in Malaysia 2023/2024-Updates

Msu courses and fees
Msu courses and fees

Msu courses and fees; Are you aspiring to pursue higher education in Malaysia and seeking a reputable institution? Management and Science University (MSU) offers a wide array of courses that cater to various fields of study.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore MSU’s courses and their corresponding fees, making it easier for you to embark on your educational journey.

Msu courses and fees
Msu courses and fees


Management and Science University (MSU) in Malaysia is renowned for its commitment to providing quality education and fostering future leaders across diverse disciplines. MSU offers a multitude of programs, including foundation courses, diploma programs, bachelor’s degrees, and even postgraduate studies.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of courses and their corresponding fees for the year 2023.

Foundation Programs at MSU Malaysia

Foundation programs at MSU provide students with a strong academic foundation to excel in their chosen fields. Here’s a list of foundation programs and their total fees:

Foundation CoursesDurationTotal Fees (RM)
Foundation in Science1 Year28,264
Foundation in Business1 Year26,554
Foundation in Law1 Year26,554
Foundation in Information Technology1 Year26,554
Foundation in Engineering and Technology1 Year26,554
Foundation in Visual Arts1 Year28,094
Foundation in TESL1 Year26,574

Diploma Programs at MSU Malaysia

MSU offers a range of diploma programs that equip students with practical knowledge and skills. Here are some diploma programs and their respective fees:

Business Management and Professional Studies:

Diploma CoursesDurationTotal Fees (RM)
Diploma in Accounting2.5 Years53,314
Diploma in Management2.5 Years51,364
Diploma in Investment Management2.5 Years55,804
Diploma in Islamic Finance2.5 Years55,794
Diploma in Islamic Banking2.5 Years59,054
Diploma in Human Capital Management2.5 Years54,744
Diploma in Retail Management2.5 Years51,774
Diploma in Logistic Management2.5 Years59,034
Diploma in Office Management Technology2.5 Years55,774
Diploma in Entrepreneurship2.5 Years55,774

Education and Social Science:

Diploma CoursesDurationTotal Fees (RM)
Diploma in Counseling and Guidance2.5 Years52,374
Diploma in Education – TESL2.5 Years56,814
Diploma in Early Childhood Education2.5 Years54,894
Diploma in Public Relations and Entertainment Management2.5 Years55,754
Diploma in Translation and Interpretation2.5 Years56,514

International Medical School:

Diploma CoursesDurationTotal Fees (RM)
Diploma in Medical Science3 Years78,554

Information Science and Engineering:

Diploma CoursesDurationTotal Fees (RM)
Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology2.5 Years97,484
Diploma in Computer Engineering2.5 Years55,754
Diploma in Computer Forensic2.5 Years55,434
Diploma in Computer, Electrical, and Electronic Engineering2.5 Years53,324
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering2.5 Years102,504
Diploma in Business Computing2.5 Years55,794
Diploma in Games Design and Animation2.5 Years55,794
Diploma in Graphic Design2.5 Years55,814
Diploma in Information Technology2.5 Years52,374
Diploma in Multimedia2.5 Years54,804
Diploma in Mobile Wireless Technology2.5 Years55,794
Diploma in Creative Visual2.5 Years72,444
Diploma in Interior Design2.5 Years

MSU Malaysia Pharmacy:

Diploma coursesDurationTotal fees
Diploma in Traditional Chinese medicine3 years92644
Diploma in Pharmacy3 years72644

Health and Life Sciences:

Diploma coursesDurationTotal Fees
Diploma in Sports science2.5 years56434
Diploma in Ophthalmic dispensing3 years89064
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery1 year36504
Diploma in Medical laboratory technology3 years78594
Diploma in Occupational safety and health3 years84134
Diploma in Radiotherapy3 years101884
Diploma in Medical assistant3 years78584
Diploma in Physiotherapy3 years100144
Diploma in Nursing3 years114504

MSU Malaysia Bachelor Programs

Business Management and Professional Studies:

Graduate studiesDurationTotal Fees
Bachelor of International Business (Hons)3 years84214
Bachelor of Industrial management (Hons)3 years76924
Bachelor of Law and Commerce (Hons)3 years84154
Bachelor of Human capital management (Hons)3 years81334
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)4 years96669
Bachelor of Islamic management (Hons)3 years85609
Bachelor of Investment Management (Hons)3 years81364
Bachelor of Finance (Hons)3 years84049
Bachelor of Marketing with Psychology (Hons)3 Years77839
Bachelor of Retail Management (Hons)3 years74119
Bachelor of Takaful (Hons)3 years93319
Bachelor of Islamic Finance (Hons)3 years93319
Bachelor of Islamic banking (Hons)3 years93319
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Hons)3.5 years96419
Bachelor of Office management technology (Hons)3.5 years83154
Bachelor of Logistics Management (Hons)3 years93229
Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Hons)4 Years104719
Bachelor of Economics and Finance (Hons)3.5 years91689

 Hospitality and Creative Arts:

Graduate studiesDurationTotal Fees
Bachelor in Hospitality Management Tourism (Hons)3.5 year89419
Bachelor in Event Management (Hons)3 years82159
Bachelor in Culinary Arts (Hons)3 years84679
Bachelor in Fashion design with marketing (Hons)3 years84769
Bachelor in Leisure outdoor and adventure management (Hons)3 years82159
Bachelor in Spa Management (Hons)3 years84739
Bachelor in Music Technology (Hons)3 years111859
Bachelor in Accessories Design (Hons)3.5 year97409
Bachelor in Patisserie Arts (Hons)3.5 year97349
Bachelor in Beauty and hair management (Hons)3.5 year91349
Bachelor in Music (Hons)3.5 year105939
Bachelor in Music Performance (Hons)3.5 year105939

Education and Social Science:

Graduate studiesDurationTotal Fees
Bachelor in Education (Hons)3 years84679
Bachelor in Early childhood Education (Hons)3 years84739
Bachelor in Counseling and Guidance (Hons)4 years87879
Bachelor in Education (Visual arts) (Hons)3 years84709
Bachelor in Education (Science) (Hons)3 years84679
Bachelor in Education (Physical education and health) (Hons)3 years80434
Bachelor in Education (Electrical and electronic) (Hons)3 years99319
Bachelor of Management (Public relations and entertainment (Hons)3 years84679
Bachelor in Psychology (Hons)3 years99679
Bachelor in English language and literature (Hons)3 years91924
Bachelor in Broadcasting (Hons)3 years96279
Bachelor in Liberal arts (Hons)3 years74309

Information Science and Engineering:

Graduate studiesDurationTotal Fees
Bachelor of Information and communication technology (Hons)3 years78934
Bachelor of Graphic design (Hons)3 years80749
Bachelor of Games design and animation (Hons)3 years84709
Bachelor of Creative Multimedia (Hons)3 years84649
Bachelor of Computer engineering (Hons)4 years96309
Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electronics and electrical engineering) (Hons)4 years85609
Bachelor of Computer science (Hons)3 years83329
Bachelor of Business Computing (Hons)3 years84679
Bachelor of Computer forensic (Hons)3 Years82219
Bachelor of Information technology (Mobile forensic technology) (Hons)3 years84679
Bachelor of Creative video and photography (Hons)3 years84709
Bachelor of Instructional Multimedia (Hons)3 years83404
Bachelor of New multimedia  (Hons)3 years83689
Bachelor of Visual communication and marketing (Hons)3 years77809
Bachelor of Information systems auditing (Hons)3 years84679
Bachelor of Science in aviation management and piloting (Hons)4 years185029
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering (Hons)4 Years106929
Bachelor in Product design (Hons)3 years123049
Bachelor in Information management (Hons)3.5 years77269

 International Medical School:

Graduate studiesDurationTotal Fees
Bachelor of medicine and bachelor in surgery (MBBS)5 years490584
Bachelor in Medical science (Hons)3 years172279

Health and Life Sciences:

Graduate studiesDurationTotal Fees
Bachelor in Food Service Technology (Hons)3 years95469
Bachelor in Biomedical science (Hons)4 years185919
Bachelor in Bioinformatics (Hons)3 years92359
Bachelor in Optometry (Hons)4 years175989
Bachelor in Forensic science (Hons)4 years175829
Bachelor in Nutrition (Hons)4 years129389
Bachelor in Nursing (Hons)4 years175899
Bachelor in Health science management (Hons)3.5 years135829
Bachelor in Cardiovascular Technology (Hons)4 Years185689
Bachelor in Environmental Health (Hons)4 years113819
Bachelor Halal quality assurance (Hons)3.5 years102189
Bachelor in Occupational Safety (Hons)4 years108649

MSU Malaysia Pharmacy:

Graduate studiesDurationTotal Fees
Bachelor in Pharmacy (Hons)4 years202679
Bachelor in Traditional Chinese medicine (Hons)5 years175769
Bachelor in Pharmaceuticals Technology (Hons)3.5 years136564

MSU Malaysia Postgraduate Programs

School of Management:

Postgraduate studiesLevelTotal Fees (USD)
Doctor of Philosophy in Management/ Business (Research)PhD11504
Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting/ Finance (Research)PhD11504
MBA (Coursework)Master9196
Master of Science (Accounting / Finance) (Research)Master7324
Master of Management (Research)Master7324
Master of International Business (Coursework)Master15474
Master in Education (Teaching English a Second Language) (Coursework)Master14234
Master in Education Management and Leadership (Coursework)Master13684
Master in Counseling and Guidance (Coursework)Master14438
Master in Early Childhood Education (Coursework)Master13604
Master in the Fashion Business (Coursework)Master15434
Master in International Event Management (Coursework)Master18834
Master in International Hospitality and Tourism (Coursework)Master18834

School of Graduate Studies


Postgraduate studiesLevelTotal Fees (USD)
Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science) (Research)PhD12,884
Doctor of Philosophy (Information and Communication Technology) (Research)PhD12,884
Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (Research)PhD28,744
Doctor of Philosophy (Food Service Technology) (Research)PhD14,264
PhD in BiomedicinePhD14,264
Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Science) (Research)PhD24,234
Doctor of Philosophy (Health Science) (Research)PhD22,744
Master in Computer Science (Research)Master8,184
Master in Information Technology (Research)Master8,184
Master of Science in Engineering (Research)Master9,784
Master in Science (Biomedicine) (Research)Master9,049
Master in Science (Food-Service Technology) (Research)Master9,049
Master of Science (Applied Science) (Research)Master14,054
Master in Biomedical Science (Coursework)Master19,574
Master of Design (Coursework)Master19,549
Master in Pharmacy (Coursework)Master19,264
Master in Clinical Pharmacy (Coursework)Master15,854
Master of Science (Medical Psychology) (Coursework)Master19,834
Master of Science in Public Health (Coursework)Master17,234
Master of Anatomy (Coursework)Master15,779

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Choosing the right educational path is a significant decision, and Management and Science University (MSU) in Malaysia offers a diverse range of programs to suit various interests and career aspirations. Whether you’re considering a foundation course to build a strong academic base, pursuing a diploma for practical skills, or aiming for a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree, MSU has you covered.

While pursuing higher education is undoubtedly an investment, it’s also an investment in your future. The fees for MSU’s courses vary depending on the program and duration, but they represent an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences that can shape your professional journey.

As you explore the different programs and their fees, remember that the costs are not just expenses; they are investments in your personal and professional growth. MSU’s commitment to quality education, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities make it a compelling choice for those looking to excel in their chosen fields.

We encourage you to thoroughly research the program that aligns with your interests and goals and to reach out to MSU for the most up-to-date and accurate fee information. Your education is a pathway to a brighter future, and MSU is here to support you on that journey.

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