How to reach UDOM/How to get there UDOM?-millkun - Millkun

How to reach UDOM/How to get there UDOM?-millkun

UDOM Location/Address, phone number ,Email Address & Social Networks
UDOM Location/Address, phone number ,Email Address & Social Networks

How to reach UDOM /How to get there UDOM?-millkun; UDOM The University is located about 8 km east of the city centre, and is accessible by public transport, which is easily available from the city centre. Given the central location of Dodoma, UDOM is strategically positioned to serve applicants around the country and specifically Government and private sector employees living in Dodoma, who hitherto could not find training opportunities in the area.

Such employees can comfortably utilise UDOM to combine work and study for their career advancement. Additionally, the geographical location and Dodoma weather render UDOM a convenient place for international students.

Dodoma City is located in the centre of the country (6°10’23’’S; 35°44’31’’E), 455 km west of the former capital, Dar es Salaam; and 441 km south of Arusha City, the cradle of the East African Community. It is also 259 km north of Iringa Municipality through Mtera. The City covers an area of 2,669 km2 of which 625 km2 is urbanised.

Dodoma features a semi-arid climate with relatively warm temperatures throughout the year. Although average maximums are consistent throughout the year, average minimums drop to 13°C in July. The average annual precipitation is 570 mm, most of which occurs during the wet season between November and April, with the remainder of the year comprising dry season.

The recently refurbished Dodoma Airport and the Central Railway Line connecting it over a distance of 465 km with Dar es Salaam serve the city. There are also major highways connecting Dodoma with Dar es Salaam (via Morogoro Region) to the east, Mwanza City (via Singida) to the west, and Arusha (via Kondoa) to the north.

UDOM Location/Address, phone number ,Email Address & Social Networks
UDOM Location/Address, phone number ,Email Address & Social Networks

Also read UDOM Location/Address, phone number ,Email Address & Social Networks

Important information for accessing the University of Dodoma

There are two popular ways to get to the University of Dodoma by public transportation( Daladala)  and though Taxi from the Dodoma bus terminal.

1.Then, via taxi

Taxis are available around the Dodoma regional bus station for transportation needs.

It will take between 12 and 22 minutes to get to the college you are going to from the Dodoma regional bus terminal.

For the colleges of social sciences, business studies and law, and informatics and virtual education, the maximum taxi fare should be TSh 15,000; for the colleges of earth sciences, natural and mathematical sciences, health sciences (Tiba), education, and main administration (Utawala), the maximum fare should be TSh 20,000.

2. Second, by Daladala

A minibus station for local transit called Jamatini is located around 200 meters from the Dodoma regional bus station.

Several daladalas run routes to UDOM from Jamatini daladala station.

Various routes exist based on the college you want to go to. When you are

The following colleges are accessible via daladala from the Jamatini daladala station:

TSh. 400 for the colleges of business studies, law, and informatics as well as the colleges of social science and humanities (Info).

TSh. 500 for the colleges of education, earth sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences.

For the College of Health Sciences, 700 TSh (Tiba).

UDOM location

UDOM is located about 8 km east of the city centre in Dodoma, Tanzania.

UDOM Address

Kikuyu Avenue, Dodoma.

UDOM phone number

You can contact them through the following phone number;

(+255) 262160220 or 026 231 0003

UDOM Email Address

You can contact them through the following email:

UDOM Social Networks

You can contact them through their social network as following :




026 231 0003 or (+255) 262160220


UDOM Welcomes

We are pleased with your decision to undertake tertiary studies at the University of Dodoma (UDOM). You are warmly welcome to our Centre of Excellence that offers value added teaching, research and public service. This website describes the range of academic programmes, which UDOM offers, and various activities undertaken as part of the University Mission and Vision.
In the past eleven years, UDOM has demonstrated a remarkable expansion despite many challenges. However, since challenges are the stimulus to success, UDOM has attempted to face them with unparalleled determination. Losing to challenges has never been part of UDOM vocabulary.
The University of Dodoma was established in 2007 as a collegiate university with three colleges: Humanities and Social Sciences, Informatics and Virtual Education, and College of Education. Subsequently, the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Health Sciences, Earth Sciences, and recently, the College of Business Studies and Law were established.
The formation of the seven colleges has been consistent with the University of Dodoma Charter and Rules, 2007, which envisioned the University structure to operate under campus-colleges mode. In order to ensure smooth operations of the University, there has been decentralization of University administration to the campus colleges.
Except for some crosscutting issues, the colleges are semi-autonomous as stipulated in the University Charter of Dodoma Charter and Rules, 2007.
From its humble beginnings with 1,200 students in 2007/2008, the student population has grown swiftly to 25,000 pursuing various degree and non-degree programmes.
While we find this is a great achievement, considerable care is being taken to ensure that the fast growth does not compromise the quality of our graduates. UDOM is designed to host 40,000 students at full capacity; this number will probably be reached after 2020.
The University of Dodoma provides a unique environment for teaching, learning, research, and public services to ensure a memorable and lifetime experience. Additionally, since the quality of student experience is as well a function of other factors in addition to academic pursuits, UDOM encourages students to engage in various activities of the students union by capitalizing on the available sports and recreational facilities in the colleges.
While at the university, students should cherish the motto “We shall solve our problems through dialogue”, and UDOM expects the motto to continue inspiring the university community in the future.
While the University has attempted to ensure that information on this website on academic programmes, structure, teaching facilities, and staffing is precise and current, the “demand” for some programmes and availability of academic staff and other resources may constrain the offering of certain courses appearing on this website.
However, concerted efforts have been made by the University Management to ensure that such challenges are minimised.
With these remarks, I sincerely hope you will find the website helpful and motivating. However, in the event that you do not find what you are looking for, kindly let us know how we can help you.
For those already here, the UDOM community welcomes you warmly; and if you have not yet decided to join us, we expect this information will be useful to you in making your decision to join our University. For those already here, the UDOM community welcomes you warmly; and if you have not yet decided to join us, we expect to hear from you.