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Bowen university school fees 2023/2024-Updates

Bowen university school fees
Bowen university school fees

Bowen university school fees; For students aspiring to join the academic community at Bowen University in Nigeria, understanding the school fees is an essential part of your preparation.

In this blog post, we will break down the school fees structure for various courses and departments at Bowen University for the 2023/2024 academic session.

We will also provide a simplified table to help you grasp the fees easily.

Bowen university school fees
Bowen university school fees

Bowen University School Fee Schedule 2023/2024

Let’s delve into the school fees for different colleges and courses at Bowen University:

S/No.CourseAcademic FeesAccommodation and ConveniencesOther FeesBench FeeTOTAL FEE
College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science
3Pure & Applied Biology476,900200,00084,000760,900
5Industrial Chemistry605,400200,00084,00020,000909,400
8Physics and Solar Energy603,400200,00084,000887,400
9Agricultural Extension and Social Engineering343,900200,00084,000627,900
10Agricultural Science432,900200,00084,000716,900
11Food Science & Technology545,735200,00084,00020,000849,735
12Electrical and Electronics766,000200,00084,000100,0001,150,000
14Software Engineering766,000200,00084,000100,0001,150,000
College of Social and Management Science
15Accounting & Finance782,510200,00084,0001,066,510
16Business Administration736,510200,00084,0001,020,510
19Political Science742,510200,00084,00040,0001,066,510
20International Relations736,510200,00084,0001,020,510
21Industrial Relations & Personnel Management736,510200,00084,0001,020,510
22Politics and Law781,000200,00084,000200,0001,265,000
College of Law
College of Liberal Studies
25History and International Studies603,000200,00084,000887,000
26Theatre Arts476,900200,00084,000760,900
28Religious Studies201,900200,00084,000485,900
College of Computing and Communication Studies
29Computer Science and Information Technology766,000200,00084,000100,0001,150,000
30Mass Communications742,510200,00084,00040,0001,066,510
31Communication Arts736,050200,00084,0001,020,050
32Cyber Security766,000200,00084,000100,0001,150,000
33Information Technology751,000200,00084,0001,035,000
College of Health Sciences
36Nursing and Nursing Science921,435200,00084,000240,0001,445,435
38Medical Laboratory Science866,000200,00084,000200,0001,350,000
39Public Health748,510200,00084,00080,0001,112,510
40Medicine and Surgery (Pre-Clinical)2,270,000200,00084,0001,246,0003,800,000
41Nutrition & Dietetics495,135200,00084,00020,000799,135
College of Environmental Sciences
43Survey and Geo-Informatics521,000200,00084,000805,000

Note: Other Fees of ₦84,000 per session include BBSF (₦4,000), Entrepreneurship & Soft Skills (₦20,000), Internet Access & Portal Management (₦40,000), and Health Care (₦20,000).


All new and returning students are required to pay ₦20,000 and ₦10,000, respectively, to the Bowen University Parents Association Forum (BUPAF) in the first semester and present receipts for clearance.

Payment Plans

Payment plans have been adjusted for different categories of students:

For 100 Level/Transfer/Direct Entry Students:

  • 70% payment of School fees is expected at the commencement of the session, while the balance of 30% is expected at the commencement of the second semester.

New Plan approved by Council:

  • 50% at the commencement of the session
  • 20% before the first semester examination
  • 20% at the commencement of the 2nd semester
  • 10% before the second semester examination

This new payment plan aims to ease the financial burden on students and their parents or guardians.


Understanding the school fees structure at Bowen University is crucial for your academic journey. We hope this simplified breakdown and table have provided you with a clear overview of the costs associated with your chosen course and department.

Remember to plan your finances accordingly and feel free to contact the university for any inquiries or clarifications regarding fees.

Bowen University aims to provide quality education, and it’s essential to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience.

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