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Afe babalola university school fees in Nigeria 2023/2024-Updates

Afe babalola university school fees
Afe babalola university school fees

Afe babalola university school fees in Nigeria; Choosing the right university in Nigeria for your higher education is a significant decision. Understanding the school fees associated with your preferred institution is a crucial part of this process.

This blog post aims to simplify the school fee structure for Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) in Nigeria for the 2023/2024 academic session. We will provide you with a clear table to help you comprehend the fees easily.

Afe babalola university school fees
Afe babalola university school fees

Afe Babalola University School Fee Schedule 2023/2024

Let’s break down the school fees for different courses at Afe Babalola University in Nigeria:

SCIENCES, HEALTH SCIENCES, AND GEOLOGY500,000.001,000100,000.00200
ICT FEE30,000.006030,000.0060
I.D. CARD6,000.00126,000.0012
O’ LEVEL RESULTS VERIFICATION10,500.002110,500.0021
COURSE REGISTRATION FEE10,000.002010,000.0020
MATRICULATION GOWN (RENTAGE)10,000.002010,000.0020
MATTRESS AND PILLOW18,000.003618,000.0036
SUB TOTAL2,325,000.004,6502,500,000.005,000

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Important Notes:

  • For Law and MBBS courses, there are no installment payment options, but for all other courses, you can pay 50% at the start of the session and 50% later.
  • Fresh PRE-MBBS and Law students are required to stay in double-bed rooms.
  • Students must pay a PTCF levy of N20,000 into PTCF WEMA Bank Account Number 0232403905.
  • A mandatory ABUAD Souvenir of N45,000 should be paid into ABUAD Souvenir Sterling Bank Account No. 0035794201.


Understanding the school fees at Afe Babalola University for the 2023/2024 academic session is essential for students and their families. This simplified breakdown and table should help you grasp the costs associated with your chosen course.

Remember to make payments as required and take advantage of available scholarships and prizes. If you have any questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to contact the university’s administration for assistance.

Your journey to higher education at ABUAD begins with knowing your fees and planning accordingly.

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