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A Complete Guide to Obtaining a Qatar Family Residence Visa

How to Obtain Qatar Family Residence Visa
How to Obtain Qatar Family Residence Visa

A Complete Guide to Obtaining a Qatar Family Residence Visa,A family residence visa enables a foreign worker to immediately sponsor his family members. His wife and kids are part of his family. They are welcome to stay in Qatar for an extended period of time. After the procedure is finished, each family member needs a separate residential visa in order to stay in Qatar. To qualify to sponsor his family, a foreign employee must meet a number of specified criteria.

There is a process for submitting necessary documents, such as attested birth certificates, marriage certificates, salary certificates, and lease agreements. This blog contains a comprehensive guide. You will learn about the necessary paperwork, visa costs, and procedures to apply for their family residency visa. You will be fully informed.

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How to Obtain Qatar Family Residence Visa
How to Obtain Qatar Family Residence Visa

Conditions for requesting a Qatar Family Residence Visa

The following are some prerequisites that must be met before a foreigner can sponsor his family.

  • The sponsor needs to be authorized to live there.
  • The first and most fundamental condition is that the sponsor hold a valid residency visa in Qatar. If you are a sponsor, you must have your Qatar ID card and residence card before requesting a family residence permit.

professional necessity

The sponsor shouldn’t be a delivery boy, laborer, driver, cleaner, etc. He must be a technician or an expert in his field. For instance, those who have high-paying positions such as doctors, engineers, managing directors, or engineers can apply for a family residency permit. Due to lower pay rates, workers will not be permitted to sponsor their families.

The Salary Requirement for Family Residence Permit Applications

To sponsor his family, the foreign employee’s salary must be at least QR 10,000. Employees who receive a family housing allowance from the employer and make a salary of QR 7000 are also eligible to apply. The pay scale is set so that the sponsor may afford to provide for his family in Qatar.

However, MOI is currently processing the individual’s salaries greater than 15,000 QR. It might be done to manage the increased volume of applications submitted following the suspension of visa services in 2020. The paid individual making between 10,000 and 15,000 may be handled later.

Accommodations needed

If your wage is 10,000 QR or more, you must have a tenancy agreement that has been confirmed by the Municipality. In another situation, if your pay is between 7000 QR and 10,000 QR, you must show your employment contract to see if it stipulates that you will receive a family housing allowance or an alternative.

How to Apply for a Family Visa in Qatar

These steps can be used to apply for a Qatar Family visa. You can also ask your employer for assistance, as several businesses assist with this process as part of their employment policies.

The procedure for requesting a Qatar Family Visa Residence Permit

Apply for the family entry visa directly or online.
For your family residence visa to be approved, you must submit all necessary paperwork. To allow your family to travel to Qatar, you will be given a one-month visa. After arrival, other procedures like medical exams and fingerprinting are completed. The process for obtaining a visit visa for the family is also straightforward. You must pay an additional 500 QAR for it in order to change the visit visa without leaving the nation. A six-month bank statement is required for some private employees to finish this process.

How to Obtain Qatar Family Residence Visa
How to Obtain Qatar Family Residence Visa

The material you needed to apply for a family visa for Qatar

The following paperwork is needed to apply for our family residency visa.

  • A comprehensive application for a visa
  • Acopy of your passport including the photo and bio pages
  • A copy of your Qatari ID card.
  • Copies of everyone in the family’s passports
  • Copy of marriage license attested by Qatar’s ministry of foreign affairs, your nation’s embassy in Qatar, and Qatar’s embassy in your country.
  • A copy of each child’s birth certificate. The embassy of your nation in Qatar, the embassy of Qatar in your nation, and Qatar’s minister of foreign affairs should all vouch for it.
  • You need your company’s NOC, or letter of no objection. It has a three-month old date and is written in Arabic. or a verified copy of the employment agreement that includes the terms and pay.
  • A copy of the lease that the municipality has attested. Alternately, you may present a letter from your employer offering to house a family.
  • Proof of your wage credit is a stamped bank statement from your bank for the previous six months.
  • A copy of the employer QID or a copy of the firm registration card.
  • Certified copies of your diplomas or certificates of completion.
  • The best course of action would be to get your marriage license, birth certificate, and diplomas translated into Arabic. You can get assistance with translation and attestation work from private attestation businesses in Qatar.

Online Family Visa Application Process

  • On your smartphone, first download and sign up for the Metrash2 (Android, iOS) application.
  • Launch the Metrash2 program.
  • Open your Metrash2 account and log in.
  • Choose the symbol or button that says “Visa” on your screen.
  • After that, select the “Family Visit” icon and then “Issue Visa” icons.
  • Choose “Family Visa Application” from the drop-down menu at this point.
  • Click “New Application” after that, then enter the visitor’s information, such as gender, relationship, date of birth, passport information, etc.
  • To proceed, choose “I agree on the veracity of the data.”
  • You now need to upload the files. A button to “Upload the Visitor’s documentation,” such as a birth certificate and passport copies, will be there (Others). Ensure that the document scans or images can be read.

You will receive an application number to proceed with the fee payment after the application has been validated and authorized. The department will let the application know if any documents are missing.

Make the Visa Payment

Once the application has been reviewed and approved, the applicant will now be required to pay the visa fees. In the Metrash2 application, you can make payments. Download the visitor’s visa copy from the Ministry of Interior website after the payment has been made, and then send it to them.

Offline Family Visa Application Process

  • You must have the Arabic-language visa application form.
  • Please complete this visa application form and submit it along with the necessary paperwork to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) service center.
  • The person behind the counter has the option of accepting the form or writing comments requesting that you meet the Officer in person for final approval.
  • During the interview, the officer will question you about your visit to Qatar and your relationship with the sponsor. The inquiry officer will issue a receipt if he is pleased with your responses.
  • After working for two days, you can use the tracking number on the receipt to verify the status of a Qatar visa online.
  • Visit the MOI center once the visa has been approved and turn in your receipt.
  • You must pay the visa fee at the center or online through the Metrash 2 application after turning in that receipt.
  • You will receive a printout copy of your family visit visa after paying the price. You will purchase the tickets for your loved ones.
  • You can download it from the Ministry of Interior website.

How can you find out if your Qatar family visit visa has been approved?

Visit the Inquiries >> Visa Services >> Visa Approval Tracking section of the MoI website to monitor the progress of your visa for a family visit to Qatar. You can check the status of your visit visa by carefully entering all the necessary information.