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University of Dongola Contact ways/method-millkun

University of Dongola Contact
University of Dongola Contact

University of Dongola Contact ways/method; In this post you will get Location, Address, Phone number, WhatsApp number, Email Address and Social media of University of Dongola and also you will learn how to call,send a direct message or email to University of Dongola.

In order to contact or communicate with University of Dongola you must use one of the following methods.

First is to inter direct to the University of Dongola website and go to the place called contact us, Then you can check their Address, location, normal calls number, Email Address and also you can contact them through their Social media or Social Network. All that are found inside the official website of University of Dongola.

Second you can contact them via contact details that are simplified by different website. Different website have already put the contact information together so as to simplify the work to the reader.

One of the website that have already put the contact details together is So here you will get their normal calls contact, their location, Email Address and their social network. As follows.

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University of Dongola Contact
University of Dongola Contact

Contact Information of University of Dongola

The University of Dongola is a renowned educational institution located in the picturesque city of Dongola, Sudan. As a leading university, it is committed to providing high-quality education and fostering academic excellence among its students. To facilitate communication with students, faculty, and stakeholders, the university offers various contact options. Below are the details for reaching out to the University of Dongola:


The University of Dongola is dedicated to promoting higher education and research, empowering students to become leaders in their chosen fields and contributing to the development of society. It offers a wide range of academic programs to cater to the diverse interests and career aspirations of its students.

Physical Address:

The university is situated in Dongola, Sudan, at the following address: 5FF4+R9G, Dongola. The campus features modern facilities and a conducive learning environment for students.

Phone Number:

For inquiries and assistance, you can contact the University of Dongola using the following phone number: +249 12 034 0022. The university’s support team is available to address any questions related to admissions, academic programs, and general inquiries.

Email Address:

To get in touch with the university’s administration, you can send an email to The university’s email support provides assistance and guidance on registration, academic programs, and any other matters related to the university.

Social Media:

Stay connected and stay updated with the latest news, events, and activities of the University of Dongola by following its official social media accounts. Engage with the university community and participate in discussions by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The University of Dongola is dedicated to delivering a transformative educational experience, equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their chosen fields and make a positive impact on society. The contact details mentioned above facilitate effective communication between the university and all stakeholders, ensuring that students receive the necessary support and guidance for their academic journey.