Big announcements from Outstanding Solutions Ltd inTanzania-more than 25 job position - Millkun

Big announcements from Outstanding Solutions Ltd inTanzania-more than 25 job position

Outstanding Solutions Ltd
Outstanding Solutions Ltd

Big announcements from Outstanding Solutions Ltd in Tanzania-more than 25 job position; Outstanding Solutions Ltd (Outstanding Solutions) is a project management and consultancy company, incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania, providing complete staffing solutions, training and competency development for the Tanzania’s hospitality and service industry.

Outstanding Solutions assists and enables hospitality and service companies to transform their operations standards to achieve increased guests’ satisfaction and standards or operations.
Outstanding Solutions Ltd
Outstanding Solutions Ltd

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Program Management

a) Under the general supervision of the CEO, provide overall management and leadership to a large and diverse project team in identifying and leveraging opportunities within the Tanzanian horticultural sector.

b) Thoroughly understand the Activity’s Theory of Change and performance targets and, with TAHA management, lead process to adapt project implementation to meet targets.

c) Ensure high technical quality of TAHA interventions per the activity description in our donor agreement with USAID and annual workplans. Oversee and ensure quality monitoring and evaluation, including the development of a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan (MELP), to ensure Tuhifadhi Chakula achieves all results and achieves all targets as outlined in the USAID-approved MELP.

d) Coordinate and communicate with the various stakeholders and partners involved in project implementation.

e) Ensure quality of finance, progress, and donor reports, compliance with donor and TAHA regulations, and efficient use of project staff and resources.

f) Supervise project staff (including hiring, performance monitoring, and termination), short-term contractors, and subcontractors and ensure timely delivery of outputs.

g) Working with TAHA management and project team to ensure that sub-contracting is complete and compliant with both USAID regulations and TAHA policies. Ensure that project partner implement project activities in accordance with TAHA policies and agreements with USAID.

2. Team Management

a) Supervise project team and ensure proper management and utilization of assets and resources.

b) Work hand in hand with the HR and Admin office to ensure harmony and efficiency in the team, sound operating systems, regular capacity checks and team coaching including timely strategic adjustment, execution of carrot and stick system to staff as you maintain high level of professionalism and timeliness in guiding those under you. This should also include having the opportunity eye in identifying skills in employees for development as well as emerging challenges as you provide guidance in addressing critical team issues;

c) Ensure employees performance evaluation and feedback is timely implemented by the respective departments;

d) Create and implement platform for management discussions and ideas sharing.

3. Financial Management

a) Oversee budgets to ensure all records and expenditures comply with TAHA and donor policies and regulations and fall within the scope of the project budget.

b) Review and sign off on TAHA monthly financial reports prepared by accounting staff. Ensure accuracy of financial reports to the donor.

4. Compliance

a) Provide contractual, strategic, technical, financial/administrative leadership and responsibility for managing USAID contracts in full compliance with U.S. Government regulations.

b) Ensure compliance staff with all corporate and local TAHA policies and procedures.

c) Ensure that all staff members are aware of and following U.S. Government and TAHA regulations and procedures. d) Ensure that all deliverables are submitted on time.

e) Respond to audit requests from TAHA management accurately and quickly.

f) Respond to other TAHA management requests on a timely basis.

5. Reporting

a) Report to the CEO on technical and administrative aspects of the project as well as all issues related to industry partners.

b) Ensure quality control of project reports, contracts, and other project-related documents

c) Monitor ongoing activities to ensure they are reaching the intended objectives and are in full compliance with TAHA and donor regulations.

d) Lead development of and ensure that staff is responsive to all deliverable requirements (monthly updates, quarterly/annual reports, workplans, etc. as applicable) to USAID, local government bodies, the TAHA Management, and partner organizations. e) Ensure that appropriate staff provide written updates to TAHA Management as needed.

6. General/Administration

a) Establish clear lines of communication which keep staff TAHA department informed of relevant information.

b) Promote a respectful, professional, and motivating work environment in which staff members feel valued for their contributions.

c) Conduct annual performance reviews, provide feedback to staff in a timely manner, and document issues as appropriate.

7. Other

a) Serve as principal liaison with Activity stakeholders, including U.S. and Government of Tanzania officials, staff, and institutions; client country partners; and other implementers to exchange information, develop professional relationships, and understand and respond to key priorities.

b) Support and guide interactions between direct beneficiaries, partners, project managers, technicians, and other staff.

c) Promote TAHA programs to the U.S. Embassy and USAID Mission in Tanzania, primary local government counterparts, other private sector partners, and governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations. Develop and maintain relationships with other organizations, as appropriate, which will serve to enhance program development.

d) Coordinate and communicate field-based activities with partner organizations and local government bodies.

e) Carry out other tasks as needed to support the Feed the Future Tuhifadhi Chakula Activity to maximize productivity and ensure successful activity implementation.

f) Promote and strengthen a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as behaviors that align with TAHA’s values by treating others with respect and congeniality.

Qualifications and skills Required

  • Master’s degree in agriculture/horticulture/agribusiness, program/project management, or a related field from an accredited university.
  • Demonstrated expertise of at least ten years as Chief of Party (CoP) or experience in managing large (at least $5 million), complex horticultural and/or agricultural development programs, preferably within an African context. The CoP must also demonstrate experience in strategic planning, budgeting, adaptive management, and supervision. An experience in managing horticultural project within national context is an added advantage.
  • At least ten (10) years of demonstrated experience in a senior management position in a development program context, with demonstrated experience in strategic planning, budgeting, adaptive management, and supervision.
  • Fluency in English and Kiswahili.
  • High level of leadership, interpersonal, technical and analytical skills including a demonstrated ability to interact effectively and collaboratively with a broad range of public and private sector counterparts and other key stakeholders

Employment type