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Nursing Intake 2023 in Zimbabwe-Latest

Nursing Intake
Nursing Intake

Nursing Intake 2023 in Zimbabwe; In the realm of Zimbabwe’s healthcare landscape, a golden opportunity awaits – Nursing Intake 2023. 🌟 The Ministry of Health & Child Care, with its commitment to nurturing skilled healthcare professionals, has unfurled the doors to the General Nurse Training Program for the year 2023.

Nursing Intake
Nursing Intake

Requirements for Nursing Intake 2023: Your Gateway to Excellence

🔍 Meeting Eligibility Criteria: A Step Towards Success 🔍

Aspiring to join the General Nurse Training Program in Zimbabwe? Gear up to fulfill these prerequisites:

Age: For the January 2023 Intake, candidates should be aged between 17 and 25. As for the September 2023 Intake, the age range is extended to 17 to 30, offering more individuals a chance to embark on this enriching journey.

Academic Qualifications: A foundation built on education. Secure a minimum of 5 “O” Level passes, encompassing English Language, Mathematics, and a Science subject. Beyond this, hold two more passes in relevant subjects. Note that subjects like Fashion and Fabrics, Metal Work, Graphic Art, Art, and Woodwork aren’t included in this criteria.

Application Process: Timing is crucial. Mark your calendar for the application window, open from 25th July 2022 to 7th August 2022. The Ministry of Health & Child Care Electronic Platform ( will be your hub. Initiate the process by registering on this platform.

Application Fee: Access comes at a nominal cost. The Electronic Application Form requires a payment of RTGS $500.00. The Ministry’s website holds the guide to ensure a seamless transaction.

How to Apply for Nursing Intake 2023: A Journey to Success

🌐 Navigating the Application Maze: Simplified Steps 🌐

To set foot on the path of the General Nurse Training Program, follow these directions:

Registration: Your initiation point – Locate the “e-nurse” link and register. Remember your ID number and password for future reference.

Application Form: The foundation of your application. Fill in your personal details and academic qualifications accurately.

Submission: Seal your aspirations with submission. Complete the application form through the Ministry of Health & Child Care Electronic Platform within the stipulated period.

Selection Process and Interviews: Your Chance to Shine

🗣️ Elevating Your Candidacy: Preparing for Success 🗣️

For those who stand out, the interview stage awaits. Here’s what to bring to the table:

Documents to Present:

  • Original and certified copies of your Birth Certificate.
  • National Identity Card – a symbol of your identity.
  • Ordinary level certificates – a testimony of your academic journey.
  • Marriage Certificate, if it applies to you.
  • Advanced Level Certificate, if you’ve attained it.
  • 2 passport size pictures, each with your name at the back.

References Matter: Two references are required. One must hail from the headmaster of the school where you undertook your O Level Examinations.

Important Notes: Your Path is Clear

⚠️ Navigating the Journey: Staying Informed ⚠️

A word of caution and clarity:

  • The Ministry disseminates Nursing Intake information solely through newspapers. Be cautious of misleading recruitment offers.
  • Interviews are extended only to candidates meeting the recruitment criteria.
  • Successful candidates receive notifications via the MoHCC Electronic Platform.
  • The Ministry of Health & Child Care will helm the training program. Upon completion, candidates will be assigned training posts across the nation.

Conclusion: A Voyage to Healthcare Excellence

The year 2023 heralds an exceptional prospect for those with a calling for nursing. The Nursing Intake beckons, opening doors to a profession of compassion and care.

The General Nurse Training Program isn’t just an educational endeavor; it’s a transformational journey. Equipped with knowledge and skills, participants emerge prepared to excel in the world of nursing.

For those captivated by this opportunity, meeting the requirements and submitting applications on time through the Ministry of Health & Child Care Electronic Platform is paramount.

With a career in nursing, individuals hold the power to impact lives and communities. As agents of change, they contribute to the nation’s healthcare progression. A brighter tomorrow begins with the journey of Nursing Intake 2023 in Zimbabwe.

The realm of healthcare is calling, and the Ministry’s doors are open. Are you ready to answer?

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In the realm of healthcare, the journey of Nursing Intake 2023 in Zimbabwe stands as an emblem of opportunity and transformation. The Ministry of Health & Child Care has extended an invitation to dedicated individuals ready to embark on a path of compassionate care.

Requirements for Nursing Intake 2023: Crafting a Future of Excellence

🔑 Unlocking Your Potential: Prerequisites for Success 🔑

For those aspiring to join the esteemed General Nurse Training Program, these requirements pave the way to excellence:

Age: A defining criterion. For the January 2023 Intake, candidates must be between 17 and 25 years old. The September 2023 Intake extends the age range to 17 to 30 years, providing more prospects the chance to embrace this enriching journey.