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Mulungushi university courses and fees 2023/2024-Updates

Mulungushi university courses and fees
Mulungushi university courses and fees

Mulungushi university courses and fees; If you’re considering pursuing higher education at Mulungushi University in Zambia in 2023, it’s crucial to understand the courses offered and the associated fees.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide an overview of the courses available at Mulungushi University and break down the tuition and accommodation fees for each school.

Additionally, we’ll present the information in a simplified table format to make it easy to grasp the cost structure.

Mulungushi university courses and fees
Mulungushi university courses and fees

Mulungushi University: A Brief Introduction

Mulungushi University is a prominent institution of higher learning in Zambia, known for its diverse range of academic programs. Whether you’re interested in agriculture, business, social sciences, education, or science and engineering, Mulungushi University offers a variety of courses to cater to your academic interests.

Courses Offered at Mulungushi University

Before delving into the fee structure, let’s take a look at the schools and courses available at Mulungushi University:

  1. School of Agriculture & Natural Sciences
    • Programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources
  2. School of Business Studies
    • Programs in Business Studies
  3. School of Social Sciences
    • Programs in Social Sciences
  4. School of Education
    • Programs in Education
  5. School of Science, Technology & Engineering
    • Programs in Science, Technology, and Engineering

Now, let’s explore the tuition fees for these schools.

Tuition Fees at Mulungushi University

The tuition fees at Mulungushi University vary depending on the school and the number of courses you choose to take. Below, we present a simplified table to break down the tuition fees for undergraduate students in 2023:

School1 Course2 Courses3 Courses4 Courses5 Courses6 Courses
Agriculture & Natural SciencesZMW 1,595ZMW 3,190ZMW 4,785ZMW 6,380ZMW 7,975ZMW 9,570
Business StudiesZMW 1,575ZMW 3,150ZMW 4,725ZMW 6,300ZMW 7,875ZMW 9,450
Social SciencesZMW 1,575ZMW 3,150ZMW 4,725ZMW 6,300ZMW 7,875ZMW 9,450
EducationZMW 1,110ZMW 2,220ZMW 3,330ZMW 4,440ZMW 5,550ZMW 6,660
Science, Technology & EngineeringZMW 1,595ZMW 3,190ZMW 4,785ZMW 6,380ZMW 7,975ZMW 9,570

Please note that the fees listed above are on a per-course basis. The more courses you enroll in, the higher your total tuition fees will be. Be sure to calculate your tuition fees based on your chosen courses and school.

Accommodation Fees at Mulungushi University

Apart from tuition fees, you may also need accommodation if you plan to stay on campus. Mulungushi University offers several accommodation options with varying daily rates. Here is an overview of the accommodation fees:

Accommodation TypeSchool of Agriculture & Natural SciencesSchool of Business StudiesSchool of Social SciencesSchool of EducationSchool of Science, Technology & Engineering
Non-Self Catering/MU Houses (per day)ZMW 45ZMW 45ZMW 45ZMW 45ZMW 45
Self Catering – New Highrise (per day)ZMW 70ZMW 70ZMW 70ZMW 70ZMW 70
Self Catering – Rock Hostel (per day)ZMW 50ZMW 50ZMW 50ZMW 50ZMW 50

Additional Considerations

When planning your budget for studying at Mulungushi University, keep these points in mind:

  1. Course Load: The number of courses you take directly impacts your tuition fees. Be sure to select your courses wisely based on your academic goals and financial capacity.
  2. Accommodation: Consider your accommodation preferences and budget when deciding where to stay on campus.
  3. Additional Costs: Factor in additional expenses such as textbooks, course materials, meals, transportation, and personal expenses when creating your budget.
  4. Financial Aid: Explore available scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities to help alleviate the financial burden of your education.

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Mulungushi University in Zambia offers a wide array of courses across various schools, making it an attractive choice for aspiring students.

By understanding the tuition and accommodation fees for your selected courses and preferences, you can create a well-rounded budget for your academic journey at Mulungushi University in 2023.

For the most accurate and up-to-date fee information, consider reaching out to the university directly or visiting their official website.

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