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misri international university(Miu)fees 2023/2024-Latest

misri international university(Miu)
misri international university(Miu)

Misri international university (miu) fees; When considering higher education at Misri International University (MIU), it’s essential to understand the tuition fees and potential discounts available to students.

MIU strives to make education accessible and affordable, and we’ll break down the tuition fees for both Egyptian and non-Egyptian students for the Academic Year 2023-2024.

misri international university(Miu)
misri international university(Miu)

Tuition Fees for Egyptian Students

For Egyptian students, MIU offers a simple tuition fee structure.

In addition to standard fees, students can enjoy discounts based on specific criteria:

FacultySchool PercentageFirst Semester 2023/2024 (EGP)Second Semester 2023/2024 (EGP)Administrative Fees (EGP)
Faculty of Pharmacy80%12,00012,00012,000
Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Arts80%12,00012,00012,000
Faculty of Computer Science80%11,00011,00011,000
Faculty of Business Administration and International Trade80%15,00015,00015,000
Faculty of Mass Communication80%15,00015,00015,000
Faculty of Alsun80%11,00011,00011,000

Discounts for Egyptian Students:

  • Each sibling is entitled to a 10% scholarship from the tuition fees.
  • Accepted students from partner schools enjoy a 10% scholarship.
  • The maximum total discount is 30%.

Tuition Fees for Non-Egyptian Students

For international students at MIU, the tuition fees are structured as follows:

FacultySchool PercentageFirst Semester 2023/2024 (US Dollars)Second Semester 2023/2024 (US Dollars)Administrative Fees (EGP)
Faculty of Pharmacy80%2,7502,75012,000
Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Arts80%2,7502,75012,000
Faculty of Computer Science80%2,7502,75011,000
Faculty of Business Administration and International Trade80%2,5002,50015,000
Faculty of Mass Communication80%2,5002,50015,000
Faculty of Alsun80%2,0002,00011,000
Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine85%5,2505,25018,000
Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine80%5,5005,50018,000
Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine75%5,7505,75018,000
Faculty of Oral & Dental MedicineBelow 75%6,0006,00018,000

Discounts for Non-Egyptian Students:

  • New Non-Egyptian students enjoy the same school and sibling discounts applicable to Egyptian students.

Payment Plans

MIU offers installment payment plans for Non-Egyptian students, allowing fees to be paid in two installments.

This payment flexibility ensures that students can manage their finances effectively.

Contact MIU

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding tuition fees, discounts, and payment options, it’s advisable to contact Misri International University directly.

Their admissions and finance departments are available to assist you in planning your educational journey.

Contact Information:

Please visit the official Misri International University website for comprehensive details about courses, admissions, and other important information. For more infomation https://www.miuegypt.edu.


Misri International University (MIU) offers accessible and competitive tuition fees, making quality education attainable for both Egyptian and non-Egyptian students.

By understanding the fee structure and potential discounts, you can plan your education effectively and embark on your academic journey.

Remember to check the official MIU website for the latest information and reach out to their admissions team for personalized assistance.

Affordable and quality education awaits you at MIU!

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