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Mikumi national park fees-millkun

Mikumi national park fees
Mikumi national park fees

Mikumi national park fees; Mikumi National Park, nestled in the heart of Tanzania, offers a captivating wildlife experience with its diverse flora and fauna. To explore this natural wonder and witness its abundant wildlife, visitors are required to pay park fees. These fees play a crucial role in the conservation and maintenance of the park, ensuring that generations to come can also enjoy its beauty.

In this introduction, we will delve into the fees associated with visiting Mikumi National Park, providing you with a clear understanding of what to expect when planning your visit. From entry fees to vehicle charges, we will break down the costs, making it easier for you to plan your adventure in this incredible wilderness.

Mikumi national park fees
Mikumi national park fees

Mikumi national park fees

Below is breakdown of Park entry fees to mikumi national park


Adults                                         30$

Children (5 to 15 years)                15$

Children (Below 5 years)            Free


Adults                                         15$

Children (5 to 15 years)                5$

Children (Below 5 years)            Free

Entry fees for Motor vehicle to all national parks

Vehicles charge per Vehicle per day

Residents (Tsh)                                                  Foreign registered (usd)

Tare weigh up to 2000kgs           20,000                             40

Tare weight between 2001-3000kgs 35,000                         150

Tare weight between 3001-7000kgs     60,000                    200

Tare weight between 7001-10,000kgs     150,000                   300

Open vehicles will be charged 50% extra of the normal vehicle fee

Camping fees

These are also paid per person and are categorized according to the age of the traveler. The camping fees also expire per night. Below are the camping fees

Public campsite

Adults                                      30$

Children of 5 to 15 years          5$

Children below 5 years             free

Special and seasonal campsites

Adults                                      50$

Children of 5 to 15 years          10$

Children below 5 years             free

Walking safaris

Short walks of 1 to 4 hours              20$

Long walks above 4 hours               25$


In conclusion, understanding the fees for visiting Mikumi National Park is essential for a well-prepared and enjoyable trip. While these fees may seem like an extra cost, they serve a crucial purpose in maintaining and preserving this beautiful natural habitat.

By paying these fees, you contribute directly to the conservation efforts that protect the park’s unique wildlife and stunning landscapes.

It’s important for travelers to plan their budget accordingly, accounting for park entrance and other associated fees. This ensures a seamless and fulfilling experience when exploring Mikumi National Park. Remember, your contribution through these fees goes a long way in safeguarding the park’s biodiversity and ensuring its availability for future generations to enjoy.

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