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Evelyn hone college courses and fees 2023/2024-Updates

Evelyn hone college courses and fees
Evelyn hone college courses and fees

Evelyn hone college courses and fees; Evelyn Hone College, situated in Zambia, is your gateway to affordable and quality education in 2023. This reputable institution offers a diverse range of courses to cater to the educational needs and career aspirations of students.

In this detailed guide, we will explore the various courses available at Evelyn Hone College for the year 2023 and provide comprehensive information about the tuition fees, as well as additional user fees.

So, whether you aspire to pursue a career in accounting, computer science, or healthcare, Evelyn Hone College has a program that suits you.

Evelyn hone college courses and fees
Evelyn hone college courses and fees

Courses Offered at Evelyn Hone College

Evelyn Hone College takes pride in providing a wide spectrum of academic programs designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for their chosen professions. Here’s a list of the courses available at the college for the year 2023:

Diploma Programs

  1. Diploma in Accounting – Level I
  2. Diploma in Accounting – Level II
  3. CA Zambia – Knowledge Level
  4. CA Zambia – Application Level
  5. CA Zambia – Advisory Level
  6. Certificate in Taxation
  7. Diploma in Taxation
  8. ACCA Knowledge Level per Paper
  9. ACCA Skills Level per Paper
  10. ACCA Professional Level per Paper
  11. FIA- Introductory per Paper
  12. FIA – Intermediate per Paper
  13. FIA- Diploma per Paper
  14. Banking and Finance (Certificate)
  15. Banking and Finance (Diploma)
  16. ZIM Professional – Certificate
  17. ZIM Professional – Advanced Certificate
  18. ZIM Professional – Diploma
  19. Marketing (ZIM) Fundamental
  20. Marketing (ZIM) Essentials
  21. Marketing (ZIM) Professional
  22. Marketing (ZIM) Graduate
  23. Marketing – ZIM Certified Professional Marketer
  24. ABE IV
  25. ABE V
  26. ABE VI
  27. Diploma in Public Administration – Mulungushi
  28. Diploma in Human Resource Management – Mulungushi
  29. Diploma in Purchasing & Supply – Mulungushi
  30. Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) I – Local
  31. Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) II- Local
  32. Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) III – Local
  33. Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) IV – Local
  34. Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) V – Local
  35. Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) I- UK
  36. Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) II- UK
  37. Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) III- UK
  38. Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) IV- UK
  39. Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) V- UK
  40. English as a Foreign Language (Beginners)
  41. English as a Foreign Language (Intermediate)
  42. English as a Foreign Language (Advanced)
  43. Phar-macy Abridged
  44. Environmental Health
  45. Diagnostic Ultra-Sound
  46. Biomedical Science
  47. Biomedical Engineering

Term-Based Programs

  1. Certificate in Secretarial & Office Management
  2. Advanced Certificate in Secretarial & Office Management
  3. Diploma in Secretarial & Office Management
  4. Secondary Teachers’ Diploma in Computer Science
  5. Secondary Teachers’ Diploma in Commerce – UNZA
  6. Art Teachers’ Diploma
  7. Music Teachers’ Diploma
  8. Diploma in Social Work
  9. Certificate in Fashion and Design
  10. Diploma in Teaching Methodology
  11. Diploma in Business Administration (TEVETA)
  12. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  13. Certificate in Computer Studies
  14. Advanced Certificate in Computer Studies
  15. Diploma in Computer Studies
  16. Diploma in Production Management
  17. Trade Certificate in Computer Studies
  18. Certificate in Computer Systems Engineering
  19. Diploma in Science Lab Technology
  20. Certificate in Science Lab Technology
  21. Junior Secondary Teachers’ Diploma – Mathematics
  22. Junior Secondary Teachers’ Diploma – Integrated Science
  23. Printing
  24. Diploma in Journalism
  25. Diploma in Creative Digital Media
  26. Diploma in Phar-macy
  27. Diploma in Physiotherapy
  28. Diploma in Radiography
  29. Secondary Teachers’ Diploma in English
  30. Certificate in Library Studies
  31. Diploma in Library Studies

Tuition Fees at Evelyn Hone College for 2023

Understanding the cost of education is essential for planning your academic journey. Evelyn Hone College provides a clear fee structure for the year 2023. Below, you’ll find a table summarizing the tuition fees for diploma and term-based programs:

ProgramTuition Fees (K)
Diploma Programs
Diploma in Accounting – Level I3,800
Diploma in Accounting – Level II4,200
CA Zambia – Knowledge Level3,800
CA Zambia – Application Level4,200
CA Zambia – Advisory Level4,500
Certificate in Taxation3,300
Diploma in Taxation3,600
ACCA Knowledge Level per Paper1,500
ACCA Skills Level per Paper1,800
ACCA Professional Level per Paper2,200
FIA- Introductory per Paper1,100
FIA – Intermediate per Paper1,300
FIA- Diploma per Paper1,500
Banking and Finance (Certificate)4,050
Banking and Finance (Diploma)4,500
ZIM Professional – Certificate3,310
ZIM Professional – Advanced Certificate3,670
ZIM Professional – Diploma4,100
Marketing (ZIM) Fundamental3,520
Marketing (ZIM) Essentials3,740
Marketing (ZIM) Professional3,960
Marketing (ZIM) Graduate4,180
Marketing – ZIM Certified Professional Marketer3,300
ABE IV3,634
ABE V3,894
ABE VI4,154
Diploma in Public Administration – Mulungushi3,500
Diploma in Human Resource Management – Mulungushi3,500
Diploma in Purchasing & Supply – Mulungushi3,700
Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) I – Local3,570
Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) II- Local3,764
Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) III – Local4,024
Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) IV – Local4,219
Purchasing Supply Management (PSM) V – Local4,413
Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) I- UK3,570
Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) II- UK3,764
Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) III- UK4,024
Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) IV- UK4,219
Purchasing Supply Management (CIPS) V- UK4,413
English as a Foreign Language (Beginners)5,628
English as a Foreign Language (Intermediate)5,699
English as a Foreign Language (Advanced)6,269
Phar-macy Abridged8,911
Environmental Health7,186
Diagnostic Ultra-Sound9,748
Biomedical Science7,186
Biomedical Engineering7,186

Term-Based Programs (Fees for 2019)

ProgramTuition Fees (K)
Certificate in Secretarial & Office Management2,924
Advanced Certificate in Secretarial & Office Management3,172
Diploma in Secretarial & Office Management3,420
Secondary Teachers’ Diploma in Computer Science3,850
Secondary Teachers’ Diploma in Commerce – UNZA3,850
Art Teachers’ Diploma3,906
Music Teachers’ Diploma3,982
Diploma in Social Work3,633
Certificate in Fashion and Design3,675
Diploma in Teaching Methodology3,523
Diploma in Business Administration (TEVETA)3,203
Diploma in Human Resource Management3,203
Certificate in Computer Studies3,481
Advanced Certificate in Computer Studies3,620
Diploma in Computer Studies3,759
Diploma in Production Management3,342
Trade Certificate in Computer Studies3,481
Certificate in Computer Systems Engineering3,481
Diploma in Science Lab Technology4,752
Certificate in Science Lab Technology4,386
Junior Secondary Teachers’ Diploma – Mathematics3,740
Junior Secondary Teachers’ Diploma – Integrated Science3,850
Diploma in Journalism5,117
Diploma in Creative Digital Media6,107
Diploma in Phar-macy5,775
Diploma in Physiotherapy5,117
Diploma in Radiography5,117
Secondary Teachers’ Diploma in English3,850
Certificate in Library Studies3,509
Diploma in Library Studies3,705

Additional User Fees for 2023

In addition to tuition fees, Evelyn Hone College has various user fees for the year 2023. These fees cover different aspects of college life and services:

  • Registration Fees: K300 per annum (paid once at the beginning of the year)
  • Students’ Union Fee: K70 per annum (paid once at the beginning of the year)
  • Medical Fee: K180 (once upon registration)
  • Library Fee: K170 per annum (paid once at the beginning of the year)
  • Information Technology Fee: K250 per annum (paid once at the beginning of the year)
  • Examinations Administration Fee: K100 per annum (paid once at the beginning of the year)

How to Make Payments

Making payments for your tuition and user fees is a straightforward process. All payments should be made through the bank using the following details:

  • Bank Name: Atlas Mara (Z)
  • Branch: Kamwala
  • Account Name: Evelyn Hone College
  • Account No.: 321-508-863-6019

It’s important to note that tuition fees are subject to change, and it’s advisable to verify the current fees with Evelyn Hone College before enrolling in any program.


Evelyn Hone College remains committed to providing affordable and quality education to students in Zambia. With a wide array of diploma and term-based programs, the college caters to a diverse range of career aspirations.

The transparent fee structure and additional user fees ensure that students have access to the necessary resources and services for their academic journey.

As you embark on your educational path in 2023, consider the courses offered at Evelyn Hone College and choose the program that aligns with your career goals.

With dedication and the right education, you can achieve your dreams and make a meaningful impact in your chosen field. Invest in your future today with Evelyn Hone College.