Courses Offered at MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE TRAINING INSTITUTE MLINGANO TANGA; The Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute (MATI) Mlingano, established in 1970, stands as a beacon of agricultural education and skill development.

Offering a diverse range of long and short courses, MATI Mlingano has been instrumental in shaping the future of agricultural practices and equipping individuals with the expertise needed to thrive in the agricultural sector.

Cultivating Knowledge: Long and Short Courses

A Glimpse into the Offering

MATI Mlingano serves as a hub for both long and short courses, catering to a spectrum of learning needs. With a rich history spanning decades, MATI Mlingano has nurtured countless individuals who have gone on to contribute significantly to the agricultural landscape.

Long Courses: Nurturing Expertise

Agro Mechanization Diploma Course

Objectives: The Agro Mechanization Diploma Course is designed to equip students with multifaceted skills, enabling them to:

  • Operate, repair, and maintain farm machinery
  • Train and supervise machinery operators
  • Design and craft simple tools and machinery components
  • Conduct extension programs
  • Train farmers and fellow students
  • Manage farm workshops

Target Group: The course welcomes pre-service students with ‘A’ level qualifications, possessing passes in at least two of the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, and English.

Course Content: The curriculum unfolds over two years, instilling comprehensive knowledge and expertise in various domains:

First Year:

  • Applied physics and mathematics
  • Electrical power and alternative power sources
  • Tractor power
  • Planting, fertilizer application, spraying, and weeding
  • Machinery operation
  • Tillage machinery and tractor driving
  • Utilizing animal power
  • Workshop technology
  • Technical drawing
  • Soil and water management, along with agroforestry
  • Principles of crop husbandry and livestock production
  • Agricultural economics and farm management
  • Insights into psychology, rural sociology, adult learning, and gender

Second Year:

  • Harvesting and processing machinery
  • Tractor power and farm power management
  • Carpentry, precision instruments, and lathe works
  • Farm structures and rural technology
  • Farm management and workshop organization
  • Management principles and techniques
  • Biometry for data analysis
  • Farming systems research
  • Extensive training in extension, communication skills, and public administration

The course provides participants with a well-rounded foundation, empowering them to excel in various aspects of agro mechanization.

MATI—Mlingano Profile: The costs associated with the Agro Mechanization Diploma Course vary based on the category of students:

  • Foreign students: US$ 2000
  • Private organizations: Tshs. 540,000/=
  • Parent-sponsored students: Tshs. 360,000/=
  • Day students: Tshs. 200,000/=

Please note that these fees are subject to annual revisions.

Short Courses: Specialized Skill Enhancement

Draught Animal Power Course

Objectives: The Draught Animal Power Course aims to empower participants with the ability to:

  • Select, train, and care for draught animals in farm operations
  • Repair and maintain animal-drawn implements and carts

Target Groups: This course caters to extension workers and farmers seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in harnessing the power of draught animals.

Duration: Four Weeks Over the span of four weeks, participants delve into a comprehensive curriculum that equips them with practical insights into draught animal utilization.

Course Content: The course structure is as follows:

Week One:

  • Selection of suitable draught animals
  • Exploring animal-drawn implements
  • Understanding various farm operations involving draught animals

Week Two:

  • Training oxen and donkeys for effective work performance

Week Three:

  • Management and care of draught animals and associated implements

Week Four:

  • Application of acquired knowledge through hands-on practice

Unveiling the Path to Expertise: Contact MATI Mlingano

Reaching Out

For those eager to embark on a journey of agricultural knowledge and skill acquisition, MATI Mlingano awaits:

Address: The Principal, MATI—Mlingano, P.O.Box 5051, TANGA, TANZANIA.

Contact Information:

With a legacy rooted in education and a commitment to nurturing agricultural prowess, MATI Mlingano continues to be a cornerstone in cultivating excellence in the field of agriculture.

Through long and short courses that span various domains, MATI Mlingano propels individuals towards a future enriched with agricultural expertise and a deep understanding of farm practices and technology.

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