Wits University fee structure 2023/2024-Updates

Wits University fee structure
Wits University fee structure

Wits University fee structure; Are you considering joining the ranks of students at the University of the Witwatersrand, commonly known as Wits University, in 2023? While the prospect of higher education is exciting, understanding the cost associated with your chosen program is crucial.

In this straightforward guide, we’ll break down the fee structure for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Wits University for 2023, making it easy for you to plan your academic journey.

Wits University fee structure
Wits University fee structure

Wits University

Wits University is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and diversity of programs. As you prepare to embark on your academic adventure, it’s important to grasp the financial aspects of your education at this esteemed institution. Let’s dive into the details of Wits University’s fee structure for 2023.

Understanding Wits University Fees for 2023

Wits University believes in transparency when it comes to fees. We’ve created a simple table outlining the fees for 2023, which you can find below.

Please note that these fees represent the average tuition fees for the first year of study and exclude additional expenses such as textbooks, study materials, excursions, and lab fees.

Undergraduate Fees for 2023

Faculty Program First-Year Tuition Fee Range
Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management BAccSci R51,180
BCom R47,750 – R51,180
BEcon R45,610
Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment BAS R56,450
BEngSc(BME) R55,190
BEngSc(Digital Arts) R49,390
BSc(CS) R71,360
BSc(Eng) R51,830
BSc(Property Studies) R57,260
BSc(URP) R58,000
Faculty of Health Sciences BDS R70,440
MBChB R61,220
BNurs R47,900
Pharm R44,490
BHSc R59,670
BSc(OT) R53,400
BSc(Physiotherapy) R52,490
BCMP R53,400
BOHSc R45,340
Faculty of Humanities BA R41,000 – R54,000
Bachelor of Audiology R50,710
BADigital Arts R44,960
BA(Theatre and Performance) R44,360
BA(Fine Arts) R51,840 – R52,300
BA(Performing and Visual Arts) R44,360 – R47,800
BA(Film and Television) R45,120
BMus R45,280
Social Work R49,190
Bachelor of Speech-Lang Path R50,710
BEd FT R37,080
BEd PT R27,660
Faculty of Science BSc R50,460

Wits Postgraduate Fees for 2023

Wits University offers a wide range of postgraduate programs as well. Here’s an overview of the postgraduate tuition fees for 2023:

Program Average Tuition Fee Range
MBA R204,100
MM (Depending on choice of courses) R78,050 – R151,970
PDM (Depending on choice of courses) R43,620 – R80,040
LLM (by coursework and research report) (1 year full-time) R63,670
LLM by research, full-time R20,170
LLM by research, full-time, second term R10,210
LLM by research, part-time R13,450
LLM by research, part-time, second term R8,970
PhD by research, full-time R21,770
PhD by research, full-time, second term R11,050
PhD by research, part-time R14,520
PhD by research, part-time, second term R9,680
PDipLabourLaw R36,120
PDip Tax Law R36,120
MCom by coursework and research report R66,830
MCom by research, full-time R24,040
MCom by research, full-time, second term R12,210
MCom by research, part-time R16,030
MCom by research, part-time, second term R10,690
PhD by research, full-time R24,430
PhD by research, full-time, second term R12,220
PhD by research, part-time R16,290
PhD by research, part-time, second term R10,860
BCom Hons R61,880
BEconSci Hons R39,570
HDipAcc R56,120
BAS(Hons) R62,640
BSc(Hons)(CM) R75,350
BSc(Hons)(QS) R75,510
BSc(Hons)(URP) R68,070
MArch(Prof) R67,190
MNuclear Technology Leadership R90,840
MArch (Sustainable Energy) R68,560
MEng(Prof) R90,120 – R94,010
MSc(Building) R83,370 – R83,610
MSc(DP) R63,610
MSc(Eng) R90,110 – R95,380
MSc(AeroEng (Embry-Riddle) R182,092
MScBulkMaterials. R90,110
MUS R68,050
MSc (EngMan) R90,110
MSc Industrial Eng R90,110
MSc(MechEng) R90,110
MSc(SysEng) R90,110
MUD R68,600
PGDip(Eng) R63,420 – R63,550
PGDipPDM(Facilities Management) R73,160
PGDipPDM(Property Development and Management) R73,080
PGDipPlanning R45,610
Research Programmes (per year of study)
Masters by research, full-time R29,960 per year
Masters by research, full-time, second term R15,050
Masters by research, part-time R19,973 per year
Masters by research, part-time, second term R10,033
PhD by research, full-time R28,490 per year
PhD by research, full-time, second term R14,330 per year
PhD by research, part-time R18,993 per year
PhD by research, part-time, second term R9,553 per year

(For the MDent and MMed holders of approved posts are entitled to 90% Remission of fees)

MDent (clinical disciplines) Per year of study – R64,080 – R73,570 MFamMed by coursework and research report – R27,880 MMed (clinical disciplines) – R58,160 – R87,700 Master of Public Health:

  • Full-time, first year – R26,670
  • Full-time, second year – R31,650
  • Part-time, first year – R13,340
  • Part-time, second year – R15,830 MSc(Dent) by research, full-time – R31,310 MSc(Dent) by research, full-time, second term – R15,840 MSc(Dent) by research part-time – R20,880 MSc(Dent) by research part-time, second term – R10,560 MSc(Dent) by coursework and Research report – R100,030 MSc(Med) by coursework and research report – R67,930 MSc(Nursing) by coursework and research report – R46,330 MSc(OT) by coursework and research report – R48,350 MSc(Physiotherapy) by coursework and research report – R48,350 MSc(Med), MSc(Nursing), MSc(OT), MPharm & MSc(Physio) by research:
  • Full-time, per year – R31,310
  • Full-time, second term – R15,840
  • Part-time, per year – R20,880
  • Part-time, second term – R10,560 PhD by research:
  • Full-time, per year – R27,220
  • Full-time, second term – R13,750
  • Part-time, per year – R18,150
  • Part-time, second term – R12,100 (Registration with the Health Profession Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is compulsory for some programs. Additional registration fees apply.)

Honours – R33,050 – R39,410 BA Hons in Translation – Interpreting – R59,850 BEd(Hons) – R35,710

MA by coursework and research report:

  • African Lang and Ling – R41,840
  • African Literature – R41,840
  • Applied Drama: Theatre in Education – R41,910
  • Anthropology – R41,840
  • Applied Ethics for Professionals – R63,330
  • Creative Writing – R39,710
  • Contemporary Curatorial Practice – R39,710
  • Critical Diversity Studies – R41,840
  • Culture Policy and Management – R41,840
  • Demography and Population Studies – R41,840
  • Development Sociology – R41,840
  • Development Studies – R41,840
  • Drama Therapy – R41,910
  • e-Science – R45,440
  • Film and Television – R41,840
  • French and Francophone Studies – R41,840
  • Gender Studies – R41,840
  • German Studies – R41,840
  • Global South – R41,840
  • Health Demography – R41,840
  • Health Sociology – R41,840
  • History – R41,840
  • History and Film Documentary – R41,840
  • History of Art – R41,840
  • ICT Policy and Regulation – R53,120
  • Interactive Media Design – R41,940
  • International Relations – R41,840
  • Italian Studies – R41,840
  • Journalism and Media Studies – R41,840
  • Labour and Economic Sociology – R41,840
  • Linguistics – R41,840
  • Literary Theory and Crit Prac – R41,840
  • Migration and Displacement – R41,840
  • Modern and Contemporary Literature – R41,840
  • Organisational and Institutional Studies – R41,840
  • Organisational Psychology – R51,550
  • Philosophy – R41,840
  • Political Studies – R41,840
  • Politics and Gender – R41,840
  • Psychology – R51,740
  • Publishing Studies – R41,840
  • Social Development – R47,780
  • Sociology – R41,840
  • Social and Psyc Research – R51,740
  • Theatre and Performance – R41,840
  • Transnational Lit & Cultural Studs – R41,840


Now that you have a clear understanding of the tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Wits University for 2023, you can start planning your academic journey with confidence. Remember to consider additional expenses such as textbooks and study materials to ensure that you are financially prepared for your studies.

Wits University is not only an institution of higher learning but also an opportunity for personal and academic growth. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can embark on this exciting adventure and make the most of your time at this prestigious university. Good luck on your academic journey!

Disclaimer: Please note that tuition fees are subject to change, and it is essential to verify the latest fee information on the official Wits University website or by contacting the university directly. This guide is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice.

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