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University of Zalingei Contact ways/method-millkun

University of Zalingei Contact
University of Zalingei Contact

University of Zalingei Contact ways/method; In this post you will get Location, Address, Phone number, WhatsApp number, Email Address and Social media of University of Zalingei and also you will learn how to call, send a direct message or email to University of Zalingei.

In order to contact or communicate with University of Zalingei you must use one of the following methods.

First is to inter direct to the University of Zalingei website and go to the place called contact us, Then you can check their Address, location, normal calls number, Email Address and also you can contact them through their Social media or Social Network. All that are found inside the official website of University of Zalingei.

Second you can contact them via contact details that are simplified by different website. Different website have already put the contact information together so as to simplify the work to the reader.

One of the website that have already put the contact details together is So here you will get their normal calls contact, their location, Email Address and their social network. As follows.

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University of Zalingei Contact
University of Zalingei Contact

University of Zalingei: Nurturing Knowledge and Building Futures


The University of Zalingei is a leading institution of higher education in Sudan, committed to fostering academic excellence, research, and innovation. With a mission to advance knowledge and cultivate a skilled workforce, the university offers diverse academic programs that cater to the needs of both students and industries. Located in the serene city of Zalingei, the university is dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to society’s development.


Established with a vision of becoming a center of excellence in education and research, the University of Zalingei upholds a tradition of academic excellence and intellectual growth. It strives to be a catalyst for positive change in Sudan and beyond, nurturing a culture of critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning among its students. As a comprehensive institution, the university provides programs in various disciplines, including sciences, humanities, engineering, and more.

Physical Address:

The University of Zalingei is situated in the heart of Zalingei, Sudan. Its campus is a vibrant and stimulating environment that fosters a conducive atmosphere for learning and interaction. Visitors, students, and staff alike can find the university at the following address:

WF4C+JC3, Zalingei, Sudan.

Phone Numbers:

Effective communication is essential for any institution, and the University of Zalingei understands the importance of staying connected with its community. The university can be reached via the following official phone numbers:

  • Phone Number 1: +249 155 662 104
  • Phone Number 2: +249 155 662 102

Email Addresses:

Email has become a primary means of communication in the digital age, and the University of Zalingei recognizes its significance in facilitating official correspondence. To engage with various administrative departments and faculty members, use the following email addresses:

Social Media Accounts:

Social media platforms offer a dynamic space for the university to connect with students and the community. Through its official social media accounts, the University of Zalingei shares updates on academic events, important news, educational opportunities, and job openings.


The University of Zalingei is a key player in the advancement of education and research in Sudan. It continually strives for academic excellence and endeavors to provide an inspiring learning experience for students, empowering them to build promising futures. Emphasizing innovation and academic development, the university places students and research at the heart of its priorities, aiming to achieve academic excellence and serve the community effectively.

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