Skills academy courses and fees 2022-Latest

Skills academy courses and fees
Skills academy courses and fees

Skills academy courses and fees; Are you thinking about studying at Skills Academy in 2022 but feeling unsure about the courses and fees? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the courses offered by Skills Academy and break down the fees so you can make an informed decision about your education.

Skills Academy is a place where you can gain valuable skills and knowledge without breaking the bank. Let’s dive right in and explore the exciting courses and their associated fees.

Skills academy courses and fees
Skills academy courses and fees

Courses Offered by Skills Academy

Skills Academy offers a wide range of courses that cater to various interests and career goals. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or start a new career, Skills Academy has something for you. Let’s take a look at some of the courses available:

  1. Business Courses
    • Certificate in Business Management
    • Certificate in Office Administration
    • Certificate in Financial Management
    • Certificate in Human Resource Management
  2. Computer Courses
    • Certificate in Computer
    • Certificate in Graphic Design
    • Certificate in Web Design
    • Certificate in PC Repair and Maintenance
  3. Beauty and Wellness Courses
    • Certificate in Beauty Therapy
    • Certificate in Nail Care
    • Certificate in Hair Care
    • Certificate in Wellness
  4. Hospitality and Tourism Courses
    • Certificate in Hotel Reception
    • Certificate in Travel and Tourism
    • Certificate in Guest House Management
    • Certificate in Food and Beverage Management
  5. Educare Courses
    • Certificate in Early Childhood Development
    • Certificate in Child Psychology
    • Certificate in Special Needs Education
    • Certificate in Grade R Teaching

These are just a few examples of the courses offered by Skills Academy. With such a diverse range of options, you’re sure to find a course that aligns with your interests and career aspirations.

Now, let’s explore the fees associated with these courses for the year 2022.

Skills Academy Course Fees for 2022

Understanding the cost of education is crucial when making decisions about your future. Skills Academy is known for offering affordable courses, making education accessible to everyone. Below is a table that outlines the course fees for 2022:

Course Annual Tuition Fee (2022)
Business Courses R5,990 – R6,490
Computer Courses R5,990 – R6,490
Beauty and Wellness Courses R5,990 – R6,490
Hospitality and Tourism Courses R5,990 – R6,490
Educare Courses R5,990 – R6,490

Please note that the annual tuition fees for courses at Skills Academy are remarkably consistent across different categories, making it easy to plan your education budget.

Additional Information: Registration Fee

Apart from the annual tuition fee, there is an annual registration fee that covers administrative duties unrelated to exams. For the year 2023, the registration fee is R430. This fee is payable once a year and ensures that you have access to all the necessary support and resources throughout your course.

Financial Assistance

If you’re concerned about covering the tuition and registration fees, Skills Academy understands your needs. They offer flexible payment options, such as monthly installment plans, making it easier for you to manage your finances while pursuing your studies.


Skills Academy is your gateway to affordable and accessible education. With a wide range of courses to choose from and fees that won’t break the bank, you can embark on your learning journey with confidence. The 2022 course fees are designed to be reasonable and consistent across various fields, allowing you to plan your education budget effectively.

Remember, education is an investment in your future, and Skills Academy is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re interested in business, computers, beauty, hospitality, or educare, Skills Academy has the right course for you.

Don’t let financial worries hold you back from pursuing your dreams. With the annual registration fee of R430 and flexible payment options, Skills Academy is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. Start your journey to success today with Skills Academy!

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