Sants courses and fees 2023/2024

Sants courses and fees
Sants courses and fees

Sants courses and fees; Are you considering furthering your education with a reputable institution? SANTS might be just the place for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the courses offered by SANTS (South African National Teachers’ Organization), a respected institution known for its dedication to education.

We’ll also delve into the fees associated with these courses to help you make an informed decision about your academic journey.

Sants courses and fees
Sants courses and fees

SANTS List of Courses

SANTS offers a range of courses designed to cater to various educational needs. Here’s a list of their courses:

  1. Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching
  2. Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching
  3. Diploma in Grade R Teaching

Now, let’s break down each course and discuss the associated fees.

Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching

This program is ideal for individuals aspiring to become educators in the foundation phase of education. It equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach young learners effectively.

Fee Structure:

SANTS offers two payment options for this program:

Option 1: 2 Equal Semester Payments

  • Registration Fee: R2,500
  • Instalment Payment Due Date 1: R10,000 by 31st March
  • Instalment Payment Due Date 2: R10,000 by 31st August

Option 2: 10 Equal Monthly Payments (10 Instalments)

  • Registration Fee: R2,500
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 1: R2,000 by 28th February
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 2: R2,000 by 31st March
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 3: R2,000 by 30th April
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 4: R2,000 by 31st May
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 5: R2,000 by 30th June
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 6: R2,000 by 31st July
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 7: R2,000 by 31st August
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 8: R2,000 by 30th September
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 9: R2,000 by 31st October
  • Monthly Payment Due Date 10: R2,000 by 30th November

Additional Details:

  • Students must pay a registration fee with their first enrolment.
  • An annual re-registration fee applies for each new academic year.
  • The registration and re-registration fee is deducted from the annual tuition fee.
  • Tuition fees are charged per module.

Module Fee Structure:

Here’s a table outlining the module fee structure for the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching:

Module Name Code Cost (ZAR)
Academic Literacy B-ALI 110 R 1,880
Computer Literacy B-CLI 110 R 1,880
Critical Literacies for Teachers B-CLT 120 R 1,880
Digital Pedagogies for Teachers B-DPT 410 R 1,840
Education Studies 1: Theories of Child Development B-EDS 111 R 1,880
Education Studies 2: Theories of Learning and Teaching B-EDS 122 R 2,250
Education Studies 3: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment B-EDS 213 R 2,110
Education Studies 4: History of Education and Education Policies B-EDS 224 R 2,110
Education Studies 5: Sociology of Education B-EDS 315 R 2,600
English First Additional Language and Literacy Teaching in the Foundation Phase 1 F-FLE 221 R 2,110

Note: The table lists only a portion of the modules. The full program includes many more modules.

Diploma in Grade R Teaching

This diploma program focuses on preparing educators for teaching Grade R learners, which is a critical stage in early childhood education.

Fee Structure:

For fee details regarding the Diploma in Grade R Teaching and other courses, please contact SANTS directly or visit their official website.

Sants official website;


SANTS offers a variety of educational opportunities to help you achieve your academic and career goals. Whether you’re looking to become a foundation phase teacher or pursue a diploma in Grade R teaching, SANTS has a program for you.

Remember to reach out to SANTS for the most up-to-date fee information and any inquiries you may have about the application process. Investing in your education is a significant step toward a brighter future, and SANTS is here to support you on that journey. Good luck with your educational endeavors!

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