New job opportunity at Tanzania Tourist Board-DIRECTOR GENERAL

New job opportunity at Tanzania Tourist Board-DIRECTOR GENERAL; Tanzania Tourist Board is a government parastatal organization that was legally established by Tanzania Tourist Board Act, CAP 364 R.E. 2002 as amended by Act No. 18 of 1992.

TTB was formed after the disbandment of the Tanzania Tourist Corporation (TTC). The history of TTB begins when Tanzania got its independence in 1961, the government 1962 created Tanganyika National Tourist Board (TNTB) and decided subsequently that to improve its performance in the Tourism industry, National Development Corporation (NDC) 1964 was assigned to develop hotels in different areas in the country.

Between 1965 and 1968 Ngorongoro Crater, Lobo Lodge in Serengeti, Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Mikumi Lodge in Mikumi area, Mafia Island Fishing Lodge in Mafia Island, The Kilimanjaro Hotel, and Bahari Beach Hotel in Dar-es-salaam were developed and established.

Apart from owning and managing the Hotels and lodges, TTC was also mandated to manage and supervise Tanzania Wildlife Corporation, the organization that managed wildlife hunting in Tanzania as well as State Travel services (STS). STS opened tourism offices (marketing outlets) in Frankfurt (Germany), Milan (Italy), London (England), and New York (United States of America).

Between the 1980s and 1990s under the economic reforms in Tanzania, TTC was dissolved and Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) was established by TNTB Act No.18 of 1992 after the amendment of the Tanganyika National Tourist Board Act. Under the reforms, all the hotels and State Travel Services Limited under TTC were privatized.

Privatized hotels and STS were the main sources of funds that were invested to promote and advertise tourism in and outside Tanzania. TTB was left with the responsibility of promoting and marketing tourism and its source of funds remained government subvention under the parent ministry responsible for tourism.

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•Business Continuity Mindset;

• High level of integrity to sustain the institution’s credibility within the context of national, regional and international corporate governance principles, frameworks and practices;

• Excellent interpersonal, communication, public relations and customer relationship skills;

• High level of business acumen, commercial awareness and entrepreneurship skills;

• Capacity to analyse and interpret big data and make sound decisions in complex and competitive environments

• Excellent Risk Management skills;

• Ability to build teams, foster team spirit, oversee and lead teams with diverse discplines and expertise and unify their efforts in promotion and development of tourism industry;

• Excellent performance management skills

• Ability to create value proposition for domestic, regional and international tourism industry clients and stakeholders;

• Proven Service Marketing skills for promotion of the Tanzania tourism industry domestically, regionally and internationally;

• Knowledge of national, regional and international tourism industry practices;

• Understanding of public policies, laws and regulations related to domestic, regional and international tourism industry;

• Ability to interpret policy objectives for the establishment of Tanzania Tourist Board, the country development agenda, economic policies and the Board’s position in implementation of the national policies, agenda and any emerging issues in the tourism industry;

• Ability to innovate and create tourism industry solutions to high end, mid end, low end and emerging markets; and Strong resource mobilization and negotiation skills.


Manage, transform and develop the Tanzania Tourist Board and the Tanzania tourism industry to be domestically, regionally and internationally competitive within the context of its Vision, Mission and objectives in accordance with the national policies, national development agenda, state laws and emerging issues in the global tourism industry.


• Developing Strategic Plans, Annual Plans and Budgets taking into account the Board’s Vision and Mission with the aim of developing the institutional capacity with a view to make TTB effective and efficient;

• Developing Board’s policies and ensure their implementation;

• Administering all activities related with promotion of Tourism within and outside of the country of Tanzania in collaboration with Tour operators;

• Administering and review operations and the implementation of the operational plans for all functional Directorates and Unit

• Liasing with the government and the donor community through the ministry responsible for tourism, the treasury and other state organs on tourism matters;

• Chief spokesman of the Board and ensuring a conducive public and industrial relations (PR) environment and a good image for the Board;

• Developing and initiating revision in the Organizational Structure and make it more efficient in compliance with the Tourist Board Act and other relevant legislations;

• Submiting to the Board quarterly and semi-annually reports in respect to the status of performance, revenue and expenditure;

• Preparing and submiting estimates of income and expenditure to the Board for its consideration for the subsequent year not later than three months before the end of each financial

• Ensuring the Board’s initiatives are consistent with Government policies;

• Submitting to the Board at the end of every three months a report containing:- a) Performance Indicators and other related information; b) The operations of the Board; c) Such other information as the Board may deem proper.

• Supervising, coaching and mentoring subordinates to ensure their performance is aligned with the Board’s goals and objectives;

• Monitoring the implementation of the budget of the Board;

• Carrying out periodic staff performance review of subordinates; and

• Performing any other related duties as may be directed by the Board.


Master’s Degree in any of the following fields: Tourism, Hospitality, Marketing, Business Administration, Commerce, International Business, Economics, Enterpreneurship, Human Resources Management, Public Administration, or Law from a recognized institution.

Holding a PhD in any of the above field will be an added advantage.


Multilingual preferably Kiswahili and English.

Knowledge of other languages such as French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese will be an added advantage


Must have at least ten (10) years working experience in related industry,

five (5) years of which should be in a Senior Management position in a reputable organisation.


Not more than fifty-five (55) years


Contractual between Three (3) to five years renewable based on performance