N4 toll fees 2023-Latest

N4 toll fees
N4 toll fees

N4 toll fees; Are you planning a road trip or a regular commute on South Africa’s N4 highway in 2023? If so, it’s essential to understand the toll fees associated with your journey.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the N4 toll fees for 2023, providing clarity on what you can expect to pay for a smoother and more convenient journey.

N4 toll fees
N4 toll fees

Understanding N4 Toll Fees

Toll fees are charges collected on certain highways to help fund the maintenance, expansion, and improvement of these crucial roadways. In South Africa, the N4 toll road stretches across various routes, each with its own set of toll gates and fees.

To help you plan your journey effectively, we’ve compiled a list of the N4 toll fees for 2023:

N4 PRETORIA – LOBATSE (Botswana border)

Operator Class I Class II Class III Class IV
Quagga R5.50 R10.00 R14.00 R19.00
Pelindaba R7.00 R13.00 R19.00 R24.00
Doornpoort R18.00 R45.00 R52.00 R62.00
K99 interchange R18.00 R45.00 R52.00 R62.00
Brits R18.00 R62.00 R68.00 R80.00
Buffelspoort R18.00 R43.00 R48.00 R57.00
Marikana R26.50 R64.00 R72.00 R85.00
Kroondal R18.00 R43.00 R48.00 R57.00
Swartruggens R91.00 R228.00 R277.00 R326.00

N4: PRETORIA – MAPUTO (Mozambique)

Operator Class I Class II Class III Class IV
Donkerhoek R15.00 R21.00 R31.00 R59.00
Cullinan R19.00 R31.00 R46.00 R76.00
Diamond Hill R45.00 R63.00 R118.00 R195.00
Valtaki R35.00 R49.00 R72.00 R162.00
Ekandustria R28.00 R42.00 R58.00 R116.00
Middelburg R75.00 R162.00 R246.00 R323.00
Machado R112.00 R310.00 R452.00 R646.00
Nkomazi R84.00 R172.00 R249.00 R359.00
Moamba Mozambican metical – Visit TrAC website.

Making Sense of the Fees

To make these fees more understandable, let’s break down what each “class” means:

  • Class I: Motorcycles and vehicles with a single axle.
  • Class II: Vehicles with two axles, including cars and small trucks.
  • Class III: Vehicles with three axles, often larger trucks and buses.
  • Class IV: Vehicles with four or more axles, typically larger commercial trucks.

For instance, if you’re driving a regular car (Class II) from Quagga to Pelindaba, you would pay R10.00. However, if you were driving a large truck (Class IV) on the same route, your toll fee would be R24.00.

Understanding the Importance of Toll Fees

While toll fees might seem like an additional expense, they play a crucial role in maintaining and upgrading the country’s road infrastructure. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Infrastructure Maintenance: Toll fees contribute to the maintenance of highways, ensuring they remain safe and efficient for all road users.
  2. Reduced Congestion: Well-maintained roads help reduce traffic congestion, which, in turn, saves you time and fuel.
  3. Safety Improvements: Part of the toll fees often go towards enhancing road safety measures, such as improved signage and lighting.
  4. Economic Growth: Efficient highways facilitate the movement of goods, which is vital for economic growth.

Tips for Navigating Toll Booths

Now that you understand the N4 toll fees for 2023, here are some practical tips to ensure a smooth experience when passing through toll booths:

  1. Prepare Exact Change: It’s a good idea to carry cash with you and have the exact amount ready to speed up the toll-paying process.
  2. Use Electronic Tags: Many toll booths offer electronic tag options, allowing you to pass through without stopping. Consider getting one if you frequently use tolled roads.
  3. Follow Signage: Pay attention to road signs and overhead displays indicating which lanes to use for your vehicle class and payment method.
  4. Plan Your Journey: Before hitting the road, plan your route and identify the toll booths you’ll encounter. This will help you budget for toll fees and avoid surprises.
  5. Stay Safe: Always adhere to the speed limits and exercise caution when approaching and leaving toll booths.


Understanding the N4 toll fees for 2023 is essential for any traveler planning to use this major highway. These fees contribute to the maintenance and improvement of South Africa’s road infrastructure, benefiting all road users.

By knowing what to expect and following some practical tips, you can ensure a hassle-free journey on the N4 while appreciating the role toll fees play in keeping the roads safe and efficient. Safe travels on your next adventure!

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