N1 toll fees 2023-Latest

N1 toll fees
N1 toll fees

N1 toll fees; The N1 highway in South Africa, stretching from Johannesburg to Cape Town, is a vital route for travelers and transporters alike. However, using this highway comes with a cost – toll fees. These fees help maintain the road and ensure a safe journey for all.

To help you understand the N1 toll fees better, we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide, complete with a user-friendly fee table.

N1 toll fees
N1 toll fees

Understanding N1 Toll Fees

Before we dive into the fees, it’s essential to understand the structure of N1 toll fees. These fees are categorized into different classes, from Class I to Class IV. The class you fall into depends on your type of vehicle, with Class I being for standard cars and Class IV for larger vehicles like trucks.

The N1 Toll Fees Table

To make it easy for you to calculate your toll fees, here’s a table that lists the fees for various N1 sections and vehicle classes:

N1 Section Operator Class I (Standard Cars) Class II Class III Class IV (Trucks)
Grasmere SANRAL R24.00 R72.00 R83.00 R110.00
Grasmere SANRAL R12.00 R36.00 R42.00 R55.00
(S Ramp)
Grasmere SANRAL R12.00 R36.00 R42.00 R55.00
(N Ramp)
Vaal SANRAL R79.50 R150.00 R180.00 R240.00
Verkeerdevlei SANRAL R68.50 R137.00 R206.00 R288.00
Huguenot SANRAL R47.50 R131.00 R206.00 R333.00
BRIDGE (Great North
Stormvoël (Ramp) Bakwena R11.00 R28.00 R32.00 R39.00
Zambesi (Ramp) Bakwena R13.50 R33.00 R39.00 R47.00
Pumulani (Mainline) Bakwena R14.50 R36.00 R42.00 R51.00
Wallmannsthal (Ramp) Bakwena R6.60 R16.50 R20.00 R23.00
Murrayhill (Ramp) Bakwena R13.50 R33.00 R40.00 R46.00
Hammanskraal (Ramp) Bakwena R31.00 R107.00 R116.00 R134.00
Carousel (Mainline) Bakwena R67.00 R180.00 R198.00 R229.00
Maubane (Ramp) Bakwena R29.00 R78.00 R86.00 R99.00
Kranskop (Mainline) SANRAL R53.50 R136.00 R183.00 R224.00
Kranskop (Ramp) SANRAL R15.00 R40.00 R47.00 R70.00
Nyl (Mainline) SANRAL R69.00 R130.00 R157.00 R210.00
Nyl (Ramp) SANRAL R21.50 R40.00 R47.00 R60.00
Sebetiela (Ramp) SANRAL R21.50 R40.00 R50.00 R67.00
Capricorn (Mainline) SANRAL R55.50 R152.00 R178.00 R223.00
Baobab (Mainline) SANRAL R53.50 R146.00 R201.00 R242.00

Please note that these fees are subject to change. Always check for the most up-to-date rates before your journey.

Planning Your Journey

Whether you’re driving from Johannesburg to Cape Town or traveling on the Great North Road, it’s essential to be aware of the N1 toll fees. Use this table to estimate your expenses and plan your budget accordingly. Safe travels!


In conclusion, the N1 toll fees play an essential role in maintaining and improving our highways and road infrastructure. While paying tolls may seem like an additional expense, it contributes to safer and smoother journeys for all motorists. These fees are used for road maintenance, repairs, and enhancements that benefit us all.

It’s important to plan your trips and budget for toll fees when traveling on the N1 highway. This ensures you’re prepared for any toll booths you may encounter along the way. Remember, these fees help keep our roads in good condition and support the overall efficiency of our transportation network.

So, the next time you pass through a toll booth on the N1, know that your contribution is helping to keep our roads well-maintained and our journeys more convenient. It’s a small price to pay for safer and better travel experiences.

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