Job Opportunity at CRDB Bank, Zonal ICT Specialist – Eastern Zone


Zonal ICT Specialist- Eastern Zone 

Requisition ID 1142 – Posted 05/05/2022

Reporting line- Manager, Card System

Job Summary

Provide effective technical support for Eastern zone office and branches for all ICT working tools such as computers, printers, scanners, office machines and End-User working tools. Responsible to provide the best level of support to ensure efficient and smooth day-by-day operations of all machines and systems used by the Bank.

Key responsibilities:

  • Ensure all branches’ ICT working tools and office machines, POS & ATMs are up and running  24/7 and report all incidences patterning to Manager ICT Working Tools & Office Machines.
  • Handling of new outlets (Branches) or (Office /Branch) re-allocations by providing full support and ensuring all working tools are functioning efficiently.
  • Upgrade ICT working tools, OS-level –windows upgrade and hardware-level such as Memory /HDD upgrade where necessary to increase the performance of computers.
  • Supervision and inspections of PCS/Printers/POS & ATMs during delivery, inspections, installation and commissioning.
  • Ensure all PCS/ Printers/ POS & ATMs are working as per capacity and expected hardware requirements (configurations, Maintenance and repair).
  • Provide desktop support and general configuration/installation of all authorized application software e.g. MS Office 2007/2016, Ms Projects, IBM Note, antivirus Esset 7, Savvy, Sybrin, FBE, Manage Engine, Perpay, iForms, CSM link and other bank applications.
  • Connect all computers to the domain and make sure each user are login to computers using his/her own ID and enforce group policy on all pc to remove all local administrative IDs and disable USB access to all computers.
  • Make sure all computers get updates and are running with current windows security updates, Esset Antivirus updates and all updated software authorized by the bank.
  • To provide at branch level, network support and general configuration on all ICT working tools such as PCs/ Laptops, scanners Printers.
  • Connect all computers to the domain and make sure each user are login to computers using his/her own ID.
  • Providing high-level end User support via e-mails, VOIP, attending them remotely by using Manage Engine or attending physically or escalating to Line Manager where needed.
  • Perform routine service maintenance service on all ICT working tools especially computers, cashier printers and scanners, two times a year.
  •  Take, maintain and update the inventory of all ICT working tools during routine service maintenance and manage hardware retirements in an agreeable manner.
  • Supervise service maintenance on all other office machines such as Note counting machines done by vendors.
  • Provide network support on the end-user computer as per instructions of LAN /WAN Manager, on network port access e.g. port activation or Cisco switch replacement in case of any faults.
  • Support ATM, by troubleshooting and installing OS and applications software and ATM switch configurations (BWAC).
  • Ensure all ATMs are working with updated software and security modules e.g. Antivirus and Patches.
  • Provide general training to branch staff on how to use ICT working tools and office machines.
  • Experience, Knowledge and Skills Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems, Technology, or any other equivalent and relevant qualification from an accredited institution.
  • 2 years of general ICT Systems support experience in the Banking environment and a minimum of 2 years experience in Office Machines and End-user working tools support.
  • Technical knowledge of Power systems, Office Machines and End-user working tools.
  • Microsoft Certifications/ Network certifications will be added advantage.
  • Service Level Agreement(SLA) and vendor management skills.
  • Experience in working in a deadline-oriented incident management environment managing multiple issues simultaneously.
  • Experience and ability to work effectively in a dynamic, collaborative and fast-paced atmosphere.