ECZ Address, Contacts phone number, Email and Social media

ECZ Address, Contacts phone number, Email
ECZ Address, Contacts phone number, Email

ECZ Address, Contacts phone number, Email and Social media; The Council is the ECZ’s top decision-making body. The Council is mandated by the ECZ Act, Chapter 137 of Zambian legislation, to oversee policymaking and give the ECZ strategic direction.

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The Minister of Education appoints the Council’s chairperson and council members.

The administration department’s strategic focus is to offer a system for delivering administrative support that enables the timely and accurate completion of evaluations. The Council Secretary is in charge of the Administration Department. For effective service delivery, the Manager Administration works with the Council Secretary. The Department is in charge of the Council’s daily administrative activities. It consists of the following 5 sections/units:

  • Maintenance
  • printing
  • transportation
  • security

The Examinations Administration Department (EAD) is charged with the responsibilities of carrying out all examination administration activities for the Examinations Council of Zambia. It is headed by The Assistant Director who is assisted by two (2) Principal Officers. The Reporting structure is such the Assistant Director reports directly to the Deputy Director. The activities cover the registration of examination centres and candidates for examinations.

The department sets examinations, moderates question papers, prints and distributes examination materials. It also conducts and monitors examinations. It is responsible for conducting and supervising the marking of examination answer scripts as well as processing, production of results and issuance of certificates.

The Examination Administration Department conducts School and Primary Teacher Education examinations. The School examinations are the Grade 7 Composite examination, Junior Secondary School Leaving Examination at Grade 9 and the Joint School Certificate and General Certificate of Education Examination at Grade 12. The Primary Teacher Education Examinations cover Pre-Service, Special Education and Pre-School.

High Level activities for the EAD Department

The annual activities for Examinations Administration Department include the following;

  • Centre Registration
  • Candidate Registration
  • Printing of Examination Question Papers
  • Distribution of Examination Materials
  • Monitoring of Examinations 
  • Marking of Scripts & Capturing of Marks
  • Processing of Examination Results
  • Screening of Examination Malpractices
  • Realease of Results
ECZ Address, Contacts phone number, Email
ECZ Address, Contacts phone number, Email

ECZ Address

ECZ is located at 6953 Haile Selassie Avenue, Longacres./ located at H8M6+36M, Haile Selassie Ave, Lusaka, Zambia.

ECZ Contacts phone number

You can call them through the following phone number:

+260 211 252 544

ECZ Email Address

You can contact them through following email:

ECZ Social media

Also you can visit ECZ  through their social media as follows:

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Following Government pronouncement of free education in Public and Grant Aided schools, the following is the guidance with regard to payment of examination fees; The following shall not pay examination fees:

  1. Candidates in Public Schools;
  2. Candidates in Grant Aided schools.

Candidates in private schools shall pay the following amounts as examination fees:

          Name of Examination Amount (K)
Grade 7 Composite Examination 60
Junior Secondary School Leaving Exam 160
School Certificate (G12) Examination 440

Candidates for the Grade 9 External and General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination are required to pay the following examination fees:

          Name of Examination Subject Fee (K) Entry Fee (K)
Grade 9 External Examination 25 15
General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination 120 75

All examination fees must be paid through the Payment Gateway, as stated in the 2022 Guidelines and Regulations for Registration of Candidates. Please note that payment of examination fees in any other ways not stipulated in the Guidelines causes the registration process to remain incomplete. The ECZ shall not entertain any wrongly deposited fees.